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2Local: a contemporary platform to source sustainable products

2Local is an ingenious blockchain-related platform that serves as a bridge between consumers and companies that produce local and top-notch quality goods and services. The platform already possesses its native L2L cryptocurrency wherein the user can get a refund for their viable purchases. The project’s main aim is to make available and accessible local products with the use of current cryptocurrency dependent on blockchain technology. In order to initiate with 2Local, the user requires only 2.50 euros to encourage the participation of multi-faceted people from all across their local societies.

What is the 2Local token

Now that we are aware that 2Local is concerned with retaining sustainability throughout by making instantly ensuring the accessibility of local and sustainable purchases for everyone involved in this chain.

As Antony Chang, the CEO of explains, “We can pass through a world of everyone, with a cryptocurrency providing a worldwide collaboration giving wealth on a local level.”

Since the entire concept is based on the innovative blockchain technology they emulate the design of the digital currency. As a result, the L2L token is automatically linked to a cash-back system which is algorithm-backed.

For every transfer initiated, a minuscule fee is deducted but is given back to the project participants when they purchase sustainable goods from the affiliated companies. This fee is in turn stored in a buffer. In order to go about it, the user has to first register on their official website The consumers can also use the search option to look for companies they want to connect with that sell either sustainably and locally. The project is expected to launch on 2’nd December next year. 

People who purchase from a connected or a registered company with 2Local are given their money back once in a month. The wallet will have a set amount that will be established in the beginning while the payment method is decided. People will be able to source the L2L tokens in an initial offering which it plans to bring before the launch. People who will invest in it will get their assets in a digital wallet that they can access through their smartphones. A mobile application will be made available before the offer which will initially be available for all Android users. After a short time, even iOS users can download the application on their smartphones.

With the help of a QR code, the users will be able to transfer the required L2L tokens to any other account they wish to transfer. 

Marketing partners Murtha Burke have taken considerable efforts to ensure that is a prominent project that can bring about mass adoption for the Crypto world.

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