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5 million plus downloads and 3x fast browser: the new Carbon browser can be the future of Web3

Carbon Browser is one of the leading web browsing solutions, with over 5 million downloads and 1 million monthly active users. Carbon Browser is designed to be significantly faster than other popular Web2 browsers whilst also offering complete decentralization and 100% privacy. Carbon Browser ensures that all your private data remains safe and secure, as well as provides lightning-quick response times due to its optimized structure.

What is decentralized browsing?

Carbon is a free and open-source web browser developed by Carbon X Labs based on a custom fork of the Chromium SDK and its powerful Blink engine. Carbon is the go-to browser for Android users who value fast performance, security, and privacy. It automatically blocks online ads and website trackers to provide a private and secure browsing experience.

The browser aims to solve the issues of decentralization, lack of privacy, and slow loading speeds. This is achieved by focusing on web3 needs and giving users those critical features in an easy-to-use platform.

With Carbon, you can completely control your online presence with a multi-chain wallet, giving you the power to manage all of your online activity securely. Use web 3.0’s bridge function to connect web 2.0 and web 3.0 ecosystems.

Carbon Browser just released Carbon Update 6.821, and it’s already making heads turn.

Carbon’s latest version supports a new What’s New icon that makes accessing user updates easier than ever before. Carbon, now hosted on Akash (Cosmos), boasts improved page loads for browser metrics that make navigating through everyday activities as effortless as possible. Carbon also shined in this update by adding a Light Theme for all users to customize the look and feel of the browser experience to their liking.

What is the $CSIX token?

The $CSIX is the utility token of the Carbon browser. The browser aims to provide a fully immersive web 3.0 experience with crypto features as standard, including a multi-chain wallet and bridge. With 3x faster browsing and superior Adblock technology, the browser is here to get you Web3-ready.

$CSIX tokens are an innovative way to reward users for their daily active users. The algorithm automatically adjusts for supply and demand to provide rewards that best suit users’ needs. 

$CSIX tokens can be spent on countless items offered by partner networks, including Amazon, eBay, charitable donations, and Carbon Pro’s incredible browser experience. Every 24 hours, the platform distributes $CSIX rewards with discretion and fairness to those who abide by the terms and conditions.

The token will be launched on multiple IDOs, including Poolz, and Bullperks, soon. Watch this space for updates.

As of now, Carbon browser is organizing a token giveaway of $10,000 worth of $CSIX tokens.

How to Participate in the Carbon Browser Airdrop

  • Visit the IDO proposal on DAOMaker at
  • Connect your DAOMaker wallet (no gas fee)
  • Once your wallet is linked, please vote on our proposal.
  • That’s all! Once completed, you will get a confirmation message!

How to IMPROVE your odds of receiving the Carbon Browser Airdrop

Once you’ve completed the following steps, DM their project lead on Telegram at @mrnobrac for confirmation.

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