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A look at the most expensive NFTs ever sold

The NFT craze is off the charts, and there have been several new collections in the market, some catering to particular niches like sports or arts, others catering to exclusive collectors. Over the years, there have been various exclusive NFT launches that have piqued the interests of high-profile global collectors. 

It might shock you to know that some of these NFTs have sold as high as auctioned paintings from OG artists and painters. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive NFTs to be ever sold. 

The Merge

The Merge is the most expensive NFT to be ever sold for $91.8 billion, with over 30,000 collectors pitching in to purchase the NFT. Designed by Pak, a famed digital artist, this sale made him the most expensive living artist on the planet. The Merge is an NFT collection of 312,686 NFTs where every NFT is a white sphere known as a mass. The size of the sphere increases as a buyer purchases more and more NFTs from the collection, forming a large mass. 

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Everydays was created by the American graphic designer Mike Winkelmann better known as Beeple. The NFT collection is a collage of Beeple’s previous 5,000 works, hence the name, and was sold for $69.3 million last year in February to Metakovan, an Indian Metaverse king. This sale shook the crypto and art world. 


Clock was also designed by Pak and counts the number of days Jullian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been in prison. The NFT collection was purchased by AssangeDAO, a DAO created to fight for Assange’s freedom for 17,000 ETH, which was worth around $52 million at the time. 

Human One

Human One was designed by Beeple and was sold for $29 million. Human One is a seven-foot-tall box-like mobile sculpture with four LED screens. The sculpture plays an endless video of a helmeted astronaut on a journey in dystopian environments at different times of the day. A Swiss entrepreneur, Ryan Zurrer, purchased this unique NFT. 

Crypto Punk #5822

Crypto Punk is a popular NFT collection, and the #5822 item was sold earlier this year for over $23 million as an alien avatar, which is also the rarest of all the CryptoPunks, making it one of the most expensive artworks in the collection. 

These are some of the most expensive and popular NFTs to be sold to date. 

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