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A Mind-boggling jump in Tron accounts Registered

The TRX or the Tron Network has been sliding along well ever since its mainnet was initiated in 2018 midway. The network has suddenly seen a huge climb in the total number of accounts which is claimed to have reached an astounding figure of 5.353 million already.

One of the established Tron community members Misha Lederman had tweeted that TRX has witnessed the biggest jump in the increase in accounts on 19th April. A considerable 65,226 new TRX accounts were added which is 61% higher than its previous record of the addition of 40,386 accounts on February 28th, 2019. The community support for crypto matters as the members of the community is the ones who have an unshakable belief in it and have dedicated their funds to it.

In response to the Tweet, Justin Sun was rather bewildered as to how people are increasingly using Tron cryptocurrency more and more. He also mentioned he had no idea whatsoever about how this sudden growth was registered. In order to understand why there is a sudden spike in the accounts, there can be 2 reasons that can be attributed to it:

The very first reason pointing out to the rise has been a solid base with which Tron has been operating. Ever since its launch, Tron network has been flawlessly performing and has always been a profitable venture. The average annual returns have been consistently hovering around 7-8% which represents an instance of stability and trust. 

Another reason that can be attributed to the rise could be the JST token sale which is to take place on the 5th of May. The token sale will take place on the Poloniex exchange which accepts only TRX as the mode for participating in it. Any person who wishes to be a part of this sale has to register by opening an account with Poloneix with purchases of TRX. 

Whatever the reason be, no one can deny that the Tron network has been running smoothly for long which is a shining example of how strong its codebase is and how the company developers are working day in and day out to make sure it stays that way. 

Image Source – Coinswitch

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