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A Recent Partnership Between Blockchain Giants to Empower Developing Countries in Accessing Funds

As the blockchain industry strengthens its grip on the world, Oasis Pro has recently announced a ground-breaking partnership with IOHK to see developing countries gain better access to the financial market. The partnership aims at developing an alternative trading system that utilizes blockchain technology to speed up participation from developing countries in the primary bonds market.

Both Oasis Pro and Input-Output, an engineering firm, see great potential in the partnership once these nations gain access to the financial market. Aside from spreading and speeding up the awareness of cryptocurrency, it would serve as a pedestal for economic growth in some of these countries and onboard them in the multiple resources that are available within the crypto world.

Both parties are joining forces to create a bond issuance platform that would capitalize on the Cardano blockchain to eliminate intermediaries such as banks and also, reducing trading fees by a huge percentage. 

What it Entails

Oasis Pro Inc. is the parent company of Oasis Pro Markets, which operates a multi-asset ATS (“OATSPRO”) in the USA that enables the secondary trading of public and private multi-asset digital securities. To this end,  Cardano will supply its cutting-edge technology while Oasis Pro, Inc. will provide its OATSPRO next-generation technology, which facilitates digital cash for digital securities transactions. Both platforms combined result in an eye-catching partnership that offers the leadership of developing countries a realistic and reliable financing option.

Many governments are struggling to acquire finance as a result of recent cuts and lingering limitations in foreign aid and investment. But with a market capitalization of $70 billion from the Integration of OATSPRO technology with Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency, a new and reliable source of foreign investment is now available for these nations that would be used to spur development in their countries.

Input-Output Responds to the Partnership

The director of African operations at Input Output, John O’Connor, noted that the mission at Input Output Global is creating systems that broaden access to the much-needed financial and social services for both the government and its citizens. This vision was responsible for the partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to introduce changes to both the teachers and students alike, and this passion to better the world is the drive for the partnership with Oasis.

He remarked that Oasis is building a recommendable system that would go on to serve as a means of empowerment to developing nations and provide them with the financial tools and resources to invest in critical infrastructure.

Oasis Pro responds to the Partnership

Responding to the partnership, the chief executive of Oasis, Pat LaVecchia, noted that developing countries are often left behind in the access to foreign capitals, as do other nations, and their platform is out to bridge the gap and begin a new order of things. He added that IO’s vision of making opportunities global and accessible strongly matches its ambition and vision to ensure access to financial markets for developing nations. He explained that the partnership represents a key step in providing greater access to international capital markets for the nations in need of it. Click here to learn more about IO and Oasis Pro.

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