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Aave Arc launches, with Fireblock as the first whitelister

In a recent report, Aave protocol has announced the launch of Aave Arc, a permissioned version of the famous DeFi lending platform Aave.  Furthermore, Aave Arc’s first whitelister is Fireblocks, an institutional crypto custody firm.

The permissioned platform was first introduced by Aave mid-last year.   The platform is designed for organizations who want to participate in the DeFi industry in a legal and ethical manner. Aave Arc allows select firms who have completed proper financial checks to automatically borrow and lend crypto to other entities who have completed similar processes. In addition, It functions similarly to Aave’s core protocol, but only permitted participants are allowed to engage.

Fireblock to carry out checks

As Aave Arc’s first whitelister, Fireblocks will carry out checks on organizations interested in lending or borrowing crypto assets over the platform. At first, Aave Arc will accept four assets: ether (ETH), wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), the USDC stablecoin, and Aave’s native token AAVE.

Fireblocks has approved 30 institutions to participate in Aave Arc at the time of launch. SEBA Bank, Bluefire Capital (bought by Galaxy Digital), Celsius, CoinShares, GSR, Ribbit Capital, QCP Capital, and Wintermute are some of the companies involved.

Though Fireblocks is the platform’s first whitelister, Aave Arc’s whitelist is likely to grow in the coming months. Securitize proposed to Aave’s governance forum last month that it be the next whitelister, leaving the door open for other whitelisters. 

According to Aave founder and CEO Stani Kulechov, “Additional whitelisters for Aave Arc will help facilitate market participants’ choice of onboarding onto Aave Arc via one or more whitelister.” 

Huge anticipation

There are lots of expectations about this launch. According to Michael Shaulov, co-founder and CEO of Fireblocks, the launch of Aave Arc will enable the world’s greatest organizations to begin participating in DeFi. Furthermore, to onboard institutions to DeFi,  Fireblocks will use established international KYC and careful analysis methods in accordance with FATF norms.

Speaking on the launch, co-founder and president of GSR Rich Rosenblum said, “The launch of Aave Arc is a pivotal moment in DeFi.  As a result of Fireblocks making institutional access to DeFi pools possible, companies like ours are able to create new products for our customers.”

Possible coexistence

The proposal to create permissioned DeFi pools with regulated organizations in mind was established sometime last year.   According to Aave CEO Stani Kulechov, Aave Arc began as more of an experiment that turned into a genuine new procedure. Kulechov expects that permissioned and unpermissioned DeFi will coexist in the future.

He said, “We might even see permissioned markets like trading facilities in DeFi, that are just private because they want to concentrate liquidity, or have some other benefits.” Furthermore,  Kulechov revealed that several banks and other institutions had shown interest in Aave Arc since its inception. The platform seems to pave the way for a new kind of DeFi.

Giving more details on the interests in Aave Arc, Kulechov added, “What’s fascinating about those financial institutions is how diverse they are. There are financial institutions that are participating in crypto, there are financial institutions such as hedge funds who are just looking to park their cash reserves into the Aave Arc market to earn yield.”

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