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AFA To Enter Metaverse in Partnership With Upland

The Argentine Soccer Association, also known as the AFA and serving as the organization responsible for managing the national soccer league, has recently entered the metaverse. The company has formed a partnership with Upland. This project creates real-life maps of the metaverse to allow its users to enter the metaverse and reap the benefits of a more intimate connection with renowned teams and players.

According to a press release that the AFA issued, the partnership between Upland and the league will include digital representations of all of the teams in the league, as well as players, tickets, games, historical moments, and exclusive platform moments. Additionally, this will ostensibly make it possible for the league to attract younger fans with an emphasis on Web3 and digital collectors from soccer. This is the first agreement of its kind reached by the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA). It is a four-year deal that aims to bring the Argentine Soccer League additional revenue by selling multiple licensed digital assets.

AFA’s Plans to Establish a Secondary Market:

The platform will also enable fans to resell digital collectibles, which will establish a secondary market. The Argentine Soccer Association anticipates that this will improve the institution’s relationship with its fans and will internationalize the national league following the national Selection’s victory at the FIFA World Cup, which was held most recently in Qatar.

But Is AFA First In Line?

Certainly not! Other soccer leagues worldwide, along with some of their teams, have already hopped on board the bandwagon of the metaverse. The Spanish Laliga, the country’s top soccer league, is already heavily involved in projects associated with the metaverse. To this end, the league has formed strategic alliances with companies such as Globant and Dapper Labs to broaden its presence in the metaverse and create markets for licensed digital products.

Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) Overview:

Argentina’s national football association is called the Argentine Football Association. It controls the Argentine Cup, Supercopa Argentina, and national football/soccer team, as well as the lower divisions (from Primera B Nacional to Torneo Argentino C).

The headquarters of the organization is located in Buenos Aires. In addition to managing the national women’s team, it also coordinates local leagues and amateur competitions for girls and boys of all ages, as well as Futsal competitions.


Given the growing involvement of soccer and other sports teams/leagues in the metaverse, we can see the Metaverse becoming very real for sports organizations and athletes in the coming months and years. So, are you ready to see how the sports industry’s next step in the Web3 era changes how fans watch, consume, play, and interact with sports and players? We sure are!

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