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Aleph.Im announced integration with Polkadot enabling the users building on Polkadot to decentralize their DApps and protocols. It allows them to ward off the centralized structure within their apps and use’s a decentralized platform, framework, and computing systems. 

Web3 Era Projects Now supported

With this, the company extends support for the various high stake web3 era projects that have a shared vision of a collection of blockchains that can work together in conjugation with each other. Excited about Polkadot Integration

The company announced that they are highly enthusiastic about the planned Polkadot integration citing that they are examining the platform closely for a while. also noted that in 2019, the team met the Polkadot community. Synapse, the partner of, handled their KYC for the fundraising of Polkadot in July this year. Polkadot is a proof of stake protocol that allows the various interconnected blockchains to share information and is often dubbed as ‘Build your own chain’. It provides shared infrastructure and security using its validators. The platform also enables the efficient Substrate framework, which the teams can build their chains on.

Polkadot has Loyal Community

Edgeware, Ocean Protocol, Katallassos, and ChainX are several smart contract chains built on Polkadot, making it one of the most revered crypto industry stalwarts. The Polkadot community is exceptionally well-knit and loyal and boasts of some of the most stable projects. is a cross-chain scalability network that offers database storage, shared DID framework, and decentralized framework helping decentralization of the DeFi projects. It currently supports several renowned chains like NEO, Binance, Ethereum, and Polkadot.

A Boon to Web3 Builders

The combination of Polkadot and connects the Web3builders allowing them to use the technology backed by through various JS and Python libraries. 

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