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Alexey Navalny, Russian Opposition Leader, is Immortalized in NFT Artwork

Alexey Navalny is a Russian opposition leader and a critic of Putin had an animation that was immortalized in NFT artwork. 

A news publication on cointelegraph stated that Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny had an animation that was immortalized in NFT artwork. Navalny is the latest individual to get tackled by burgeoning the virtual token art world. 

Navalny was recently arrested on arrival in Russia after undergoing medical treatment in Germany. The animation was minted into NFT and then released on the SuperRare platform. The animation was done on January 21st. 

Crypto Dads Latest News offers the latest in the bitcoin market had to tweet this on the new development of animation is inspired by the politician’s recent arrest and “Putin’s Palace” documentary.

The animation got the inspiration from Navalny’s arrest and a documentary on “Putin’s Palace” with alleged corruption. The 1/1 artwork is known as Navalny and was crafted by an artist with the pseudonym @brickspacer111.

It is a 3D rendered artwork that shows Navalny’s hand having a V sign for victory. When the camera goes back, viewers can see a bust of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Stunningly, the visual gets wider, highlighting many books and cabinets.

These books and cabinets symbolize the scales of justice, and the police are trying to get him as the scene is also filled with red and blue flashlights. Some of the Russian President’s inner leadership’s popular names begin to flash on the cheeks of the bust. 

Viewers can also see allusions of “aqua disco” in the palace getting built on Putin’s forehead. Navalny is a pro-Bitcoin politician who was poisoned with Novichok, a nerve agent, during a tour in Siberia last year in August 2020. 

Navalny’s team has released a documentary called Putin’s Palace, where claims are being made of a $1 billion complex getting designed on the Black Sea. According to the team, the land has been purchased with an enormous bribe in history.

The documentary present on YouTube has gained more than 20 million views only the first day itself of release. It is subtitled using a quote from the pro-Bitcoin leader; one must not fear anything except for their own fear. 

The Navalny NFT is open for offers that start from 0.5 Ether (ETH).

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