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Alpha Token – Zeus and Marketplace Well Defined


The Cryptocurrency industry was reserved for the experts in Tokenomics. But with Bitcoin stepping into the scene, it opened investment avenues even for the common man. When cryptocurrency came into being, it was constantly under the watch of regulatory governmental agencies but with its decentralization, the economic factors of demand and supply guide the market leading to immense opportunities of earning. 

Despite the gateways been opened for common people to invest, investment in cryptocurrency is still a new concept because of the lack of know-how and resources to do so. They still need reliable sources to teach them how to purchase their first currency, figure out its storage and how to mine it. Trading at a profit still is a large field that needs to be explored. The learning curve for the cryptocurrency is steep and in order to master the concept users have to first completely explore the learning curve. Despite the presence of several resources users still commit errors and become wary of it. Also, their wisdom related to tracking the genuineness of the token also is ambiguous as they end up trading the wrong tokens resulting in losses. 

To address such issues, here comes the versatile Alpha token which has come with a compelling all-in-one crypto device called Alpha Zeus which resembles a tablet but is a hardware device. Alpha Zeus has been constructed on the Raspberry pi kit encompassing all the functionalities desired by a crypto lover. This portable device has been crafted mainly for cryptocurrencies and has PC-like compatibility features. Alpha Zeus allows the user to mine, trader, learn and work and is custom-driven as per the demand of the user. It also has an inbuilt Alpha wallet Dapp as well as Alpha Market place. 

Let us explore them:

Alpha DApp

The Alpha token has infused quite a bit of research in designing its own wallet app in order to store earned cryptocurrency. Alpha token wallet assures that it is not just convenient to use but also has better security features embedded in it. It also has the advantage of being cost-efficient concerning the storage of ETH and ERC-20 token. Ether variables have been employed making the wallet ready for the future. 

Alpha Marketplace

Alpha is steps ahead of its contemporaries as it will also feature its own market place fostering E-commerce functions across B2B and B2C platforms. It also allows its customers to establish auditing, accounting, etc by putting forth their rewards. Alpha token dreams of this marketplace equivalent of the best in the business and the pioneer in the blockchain category. Consumers can also engage in the reverse bidding process and post about various business solutions. There is no requirement to apply for 3rd party exchange for endowing them for custody of tokens as you can directly trade on the market place. 

The platform also is a seamless collaboration of more than 2000 cryptocurrencies for smart bidding and smoother payouts. Not everyone can easily become the user, as the platform will also conduct a double-check system to ensure quality is the benchmark that is never compromised. In order to earn token rewards, the organization also expects it, users, to hold a bare minimum of 1000 alpha tokens and also be a pivotal part of community membership. Every 90 days, users’ rewards will be directly transported to the wallet. 


Safe and secure

Since Alpha Zeus is a stand-alone entity you will experience that this ecosystem is quite secure. The rate at which scammers would others try to loot you out of your tokens is considerably reduced as the entire environment is functional on one device. 


Summing up

The company is aware that for all-encompassing acceptability, they have to inculcate solutions that are less technical and more user-friendly. The crypto-revolution is now a notch above the rest thanks to Alpha Zeus and its richly embedded features. 

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