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Amazon reveals next step in Blockchain services

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Retail giant Amazon has renewed it’s commitment to making things happen as far as cryptocurrency and blockchain are concerned.

In the latest development, Amazon have annonuced the release of a new tool that enables users to create and manage scalable blockchain networks via public-blockchains, like Ethereum, and private and permissioned blockchains, through their Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

As their tweet on the matter confirmed:

Amazon Web Services

More details are provided in a press release revealed at the end of April, where Amazon announced that businesses can now set up a blockchain network through the Hyperledger Fabric Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB). In another significant move, Ethereum will also be made available this summer.

Like other Amazon services, the platform is designed with scaleability in mind and will to allow customers to set up and manage a scalable blockchain network with just a few clicks. It even provides simple API’s so that customers can vote on memberships in their networks, and it offers a range of computing and memory capacities to suit their blockchain applications.

According to news reports, the key reasoning behind the decision to use Ethereum was the transparency factor as far as customer data was concerned.

As one of the most used cloud computing platforms in the world, one thing is for sure – this is a massive step forward for mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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