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Apple Co-Founder Sets Foot into Blockchain Market with New Ethereum Token

Steve Wozniak, who was Apple’s co-founder, has funded a new project after 45 years and is called Efforce. It will be a blockchain-based market to exchange tokenized energy.

A news post in Cryptobriefing states that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has announced a new project called Efforce. It is a blockchain-based marketplace to exchange tokenized energy. This is the second venture for Wozniak, who founded Apple after more than 45 years. 

Through the firm, he wants to bring a platform for companies to increase their efficiency in energy through contributors for getting repaid in energy saving tokens. Reports have recently stated that blockchain technology is harming the environment due to excess energy usage. 

However, Wozniak says that his company is different from the others. Smart Crypto News that is part of the SmartLiquidity Network had tweeted this about this portentous news. 

The Apple co-founder says that it will play an essential role in the promotion of green energy. Besides, he is confident that it will immensely aid the decrease in the damage to the environment. 

Wozniak said that using Efforce, he wants major companies to benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency designs. These designs should be able to be meaningful toward the change that is already happening in the environment. 

They have said that the utility token would be called WOZX, after Wozniak. Additionally, the company has already listed it on on December 3th for trading. They are not the first firm that has begun the venture into green energy space.

Some of the other platforms already in the crypto market are Power Ledger and LO3 Energy. In news related to that posted on Nairametrics, WOZX has made a good start in the blockchain market, already hitting more than $1 billion in a few days. 

This is more than ten times the market listed price. Wozniak is happy about the venture and also added, companies must reduce their consuming energy and carbon output. This is leading to intense climate change and causing harm to the environment.

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