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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are two of the most spoken about technological advancements in the recent world. It is technology which has the power to change the world.

Artificial Intelligence is machines being developed to carry out tasks which humans are able to do. This means an added benefit of intelligence intertwined in technology. As of now machine learning, deep learning and artificial neural networks are all making it a reality.

Blockchain is relatively newer and can be defined as a better way of filing digital information. This information is safe in an encrypted format or in a distributed ledger layout which cannot be tampered with. Thus only people with permission can read and update information in the Blockchain systems.

Scientists and Tech geeks are trying to combine both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to create unbelievable solutions to everyday complex problems.

Blockchain will result in data in the Artificially Intelligence program to be more confidential and private thus reducing manipulations. Thus businesses which provide Artificial Intelligence programs to be run can live up to the expectations of their clients being more safe and secure.

Blockchain will improve scalability thanks to the optimization of a modern data shredding process. Thus this scalability will improve AI in becoming a more decentralized system with no unwanted data clogging the program.

AI too can add to the security of Blockchain as there have been advancements in machine learning which can add to the already secure layers in the Blockchain system.

AI and Blockchain can work side by side in order to make transactions faster by identifying which nodes can carry out transactions faster than the others so that the latency of the network is reduced. This will also reduce expenses and make it more efficient.

Data will be plentiful in systems, and with the help of Blockchain companies can directly buy data from the owners. However granting access and permissions will be a problem and this is why Artificial Intelligence will be helpful.

As you can see, AI and Blockchain fall in two different extremities in the technological spectrum. However both can work simultaneously to bring in real world results with a solution that is extremely efficient and outstanding. Ethical and technological implications will be well taken care of along with an increase in productivity.

The future belongs to these two marvellous developments which when put together can create a better digitized world  we live in.


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