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Aura Blockchain Consortium and Mojix All Set to Enhance Authentication of Luxury Brands with Blockchain

Mojix, a global leader in item-level intelligence solutions for supply chains, and Aura Blockchain Consortium, a leader in blockchain solutions for luxury goods certification, have partnered to facilitate the integration of their respective technical frameworks for the benefit of Aura Blockchain Consortium members.

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The Goal Behind Enhanced Authentication: 

To enhance the client experience even further, the two companies are leading strategic efforts to increase openness and trust across the global luxury ecosystem. By connecting the cloud-based Mojix platform to the Aura Blockchain, verified traceability via immutable item identification, as well as instant and accurate track-and-trace, down to any original material comprising an individual piece, would be enabled.

The Aura Blockchain Consortium facilitates and supports its members in tagging their products with secure, unique blockchain-based identities that can monitor a product’s creation and delivery from raw materials to the end customer. Member brands may swiftly and simply onboard with their Aura SaaS service, optimizing value while focusing on the customer journey and digital innovation. 

This enables users to follow the supply chain both upstream and downstream, making it one of the strongest direct-to-consumer services on the market and providing complete transparency to customers. Mojix can offer standardized unique identities to luxury items and trace them from source to sale, including their distinct components or ingredients, thanks to NFC-RFID technology and serialization. 

The GS1 EPCIS standard offers visibility on event data, both within and between companies, at any point of the supply chain, allowing users to acquire a shared perspective of the products. Aura Blockchain technology safeguards this data, making it immutable and irrefutable.

What Should We Expect? 

The two platforms will be working together to promote awareness of the advantages of digitalization and item-level intelligence in the luxury market, as well as create opportunities for members of the Aura Blockchain Consortium. Benefits will be available to businesses of all sizes and types and will strengthen the foundations of luxury reputation in ways that go beyond simple authentication. 

The advantages include facilitating brand protection (by, for example, combating grey market activity and delivering certificates of ownership) and quality and provider control (by, for example, managing repair cycles, chain of custody and recalls, verifying process conformity), as well as improving customer loyalty by providing unique, item-specific, and indisputable information on provenance and conditions of manufacture and/or transportation.

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