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Bullish Bitcoin Beats $5,000

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Bullish Bitcoin has managed to hold it's upward trajectory, starting the week well above the all important $5,000 mark - the first time we have seen this all important coin reach such levels for a very long time - November 2018 to be specific. With all the major coins are

WhatsApp to Launch Support for Crypto Payments

Yes, you read that right - popular instant messaging channel WhatsApp is almost ready to launch support for cryptocurrency payments, thanks to an innovative integration with the Wuabit wallet, which will be accessible via chat thanks to its advanced bot technology. According to a report on, users will need to

Bitcoin Back Above $4k

After an incredibly prolonged period in the $3k range, bitcoin has finally broken through the barrier and returned to $4k territory, with a value of $4087 USD and a 24h increase of 1.04% at the time of writing. The strength of the market has been building slowly but steadily over

Lucky Karpelès Sees Tokyo Court Issue Suspended Sentence

Last week, it was reported that Mark Karpelès, founder of failed cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox, was facing the possibility of up to ten years in prison on charges of fraud and embezzlement. Japanese prosecutors were arguing hard for the maximum possible sentence in order to demonstrate that they had taken on

Is Starbucks brewing up to launch crypto coffee payments?

There's nothing new about the rumours that Starbucks wants to allow customers to pay for coffee by crypto - they first announced the plans in August 2018, after partnering up with Microsoft and NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange designed for institutions. Bakkt, the new platform, was

The Bitcoin Bull Versus Billionaire Buffet

There's nothing like a good heavyweight title fight to get the excitement up when things are otherwise fairly boring and predictable - like the markets crashing back into red after temptingus with a week of positive trading. So why not distract ourselves with what's going on in the ring? And