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ScallopX – One-stop-shop solutions for bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream

Digital currencies have been there for a long time, but an unintended push thanks to the pandemic have steered its journey forward. The procreation of cryptocurrencies has pushed the digital currency market to an all-new level with users wishing to use cryptos for their daily transactions. But systems fractured by

Sygnum, Swiss Digital Asset Bank Launches Blockchain Alternative to Stock Exchanges

Sygnum, which is a Swiss digital asset bank founded on Swiss & Singapore heritage, recently launched a blockchain-based alternative for listing shares on the stock exchange.  According to a news publication on Coindesk, Sygnum announced on Thursday that they had launched an end-to-end tokenization solution for listing shares on the stock

Cambridge and Oxford Students Compete to Make Money on Crypto Markets

Students from the prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford will compete with each other to design the top-notch crypto trading algorithm. The algorithmic trading competition will be conducted by APEX:E3. The winner gets to take everything. A news article on Btcmanager has stated that Apex:E3, SIX Digital Exchange, ConsenSys Mesh, Coinbase Pro,

Trading of Bitcoin on Binance Sets a New Record with All-Time High Price

The futures on total trading volumes and open interest on Binance, has set an all-time high price. With Bitcoin's ongoing bull run, the volume of crypto trading and Bitcoin futures have soared on Binance. According to a news publication on Decrypt Bitcoin was able to break the $19000 mark seamlessly. It

Blockchain Offers a Legal High for Cannabis Users

The new president has different views on the use and implementation of marijuana. Unlike the Trump administration that was against the use of cannabis, Joe Biden has brought about new legislation that can immensely affect the blockchain projects revolving around cannabis. According to a news article published on Beincrypto, the Biden

Everything you have to know about Crypto Twerpz

Crypto Twerpz is considered to be both deranged and twisted digital trading cards or in simple terms Non-fungible assets that are based on the parodies of the famous crypto and non-crypto celebrities who use the Simple Assets protocol on the WAX blockchain.  Although these digital collectibles are not physically yet they enable