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Zoreum Blockchain Lab’s Unique Approach to Combating Fake Medicines – AsliMedicine

  The co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Zoreum Labs, RamKrishna is an innovative entrepreneur taking the approach of Blockchain to a whole other level and ensuring that a growing issue of fake medicines is countered. In other words, he is utilising modern technology in solving a social problem that is

Decentralization of Ideas – a-Qube – Bounty Campaign Wave 1

Joseph Stalin’s infamous quote “ Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas” is being challenged by an innovative Blockchain startup called a-Qube. What is a-Qube? a-Qube are building a decentralization marketplace of ideas leveraging the Blockchain -

Pyyro – A Social Media Platform for Crypto Enthusiasts

Social networking has taken over the internet for more than a decade now. Social media has been continually smashing up many industries in philosophical ways. One such industry which has recently created quite a buzz is the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. . The development and fame of digital currency are seen to

DexWallet and Dexpay gains grant from MakerDAO as a part of Stable Fund program

  DexWallet and Dexpay have evolved into an unstoppable wallet and payment gateway that solve inherent problems ailing crypto transactions currently. DexWallet, a next-generation crypto wallet won a grant from MakerDAO, a decentralised app platform and the company behind the stablecoin DAI.  MakerDAO and DAI Stablecoin MakerDAO is one of the very old

Organ Transplantation Through Blockchain – Organtree

  Organtree makes the impossible … possible by using Blockchain to bridge the gap between the overwhelming demand and non solved supply of organ transplantation. How does Organtree manage to do this? Lets first understand what exactly is organ transplantation. Organ transplantation is a medical procedure whereby an organ is removed from one

Crypto Horse – The Digital Horses

“A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure.” -Rebecca Carroll Horses have been important in several aspects for centuries. From being the ultimate symbol of royalty, with kings watching over their cities riding the beautiful animals, to helping the disabled in improving their lives through better coordination and

MenaPay Sponsors Revolutionary Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018

Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 had the makings of the ideal Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event of the year. It showcased the revolutionary products, services and ideas that Blockchain can bring about and the ease and comfort of digital payments through Cryptocurrency. The theme of the Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 was ‘Exploring