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Remote working options in crypto-market – the need of the hour

The crypto job market is now increasingly becoming a great option for crypto professionals as the coronavirus continues to make the news. With the virus changing the dynamics of the market and restricting people within their homes, it is also calling for a change in the way the world is

Cardano’s new off-chain protocol has more scalability than existing payment networks

The blockchain industry and its projects have suffered mainly because of one issue and that is scalability. Now with the Ouroboros Hydra protocol, the Cardano blockchain can be smoothly scaled clocking in lower latency.  A protocol was released by Cardano this month on the 25th. This off-chain scalability protocol called Ouroboros

MoneyGram clocks smart profits thanks to its partnership with Ripple

The world has indeed taken advantage of the digital wave and using it in every sphere of life including management of money and transfers. MoneyGram is a hugely popular innovative money transfer platform that intends to connect people across the globe by establishing firm foundations of financial transactions. With more

Bitcoin off-loading by Tezos Foundation worth millions

  Tezos is a Swiss foundation that is based on the technology of peer-to-peer permissionless network. It promotes and develops new technologies and applications especially in the field of decentralized software ecosystems.  As per a report, the foundation possessed $397.7 million worth of Bitcoin on July 31, 2019. At that point in

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Central Bank Digital Currency

Nowadays Central Banks are paving towards creating their own digital currencies which are diametrically different from the idealogy that drives cryptomarkets that debases the authority over money. The central bank digital currencies endow with cash-like liquidity safety for peer-to-peer payments. The Central Bank digital currencies are traditional forms of money but

Congress announces financial relief for household and industries – Bitcoin may benefit in the long run

While COVID-19 has created mayhem worldwide, the US has announced some relief packages for those who are reeling under its pressure. Amidst such confusion, Maxine Waters, a Democrat Congressperson has announced that $2000 a month will be given to every adult and $1000 per month will be given to every


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