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What was Hot in Crypto Last Week?

The ever-evolving space of crypto and Web3, while keeping everything exciting, requires consistent research for following the best practices while engaging with the various projects. Here’s what happened last week!  Crypto Giants Collaborate to Fund Public Goods Crypto leaders like Uniswap and Coinbase are joining forces to fund public goods initiatives. They

Label Foundation Joins Hands with LG Electronics for ‘Tracks’ Music Streaming Service

The Label Foundation recently announced an agreement with global electronics giant, LG Electronics, to launch 'Tracks', an innovative Web3 music streaming platform, which will be soon available on the latest version of LG Smart TVs.  Positioning itself as a leading Life Background Music platform, 'Tracks' grants users free access to refined

Post.Tech: A Friend.Tech Competitor Revolutionizing Social Finance on Arbitrum

Blockchain technology has opened up new horizons in the world of decentralized social interaction and financial empowerment. Among the pioneers in this space, and stand out as innovative platforms reshaping the way we connect, share, and earn in the Web3 era. In this article, we'll take a deep

Embrace the Future of the Metaverse with ENEFTIVERSE’s Private Sale on PinkSale

The digital realm is experiencing an unprecedented transformation, with the Metaverse taking the spotlight. ENEFTIVERSE, an innovative Metaverse platform, is set to redefine your online experience. Whether you're a cryptocurrency enthusiast, an aspiring NFT trader, or simply craving a new dimension of virtual interaction, ENEFTIVERSE promises an extraordinary journey. ENEFTIVERSE is

6 Crypto Launchpads to Watch Out for in 2023

We heard you’re looking for the latest and hottest projects on the crypto world, so you’re probably banking on that early bird effect, making sure you stock up on whatever token you’re looking for (probably awesome too) without getting clouded by the nasty fomo, or just staying ahead of the

Gate Web3 Wallet Unveils Major Updates, Expanding Blockchain Support and Enhancing User Experience

Gate Web3 Wallet, the non-custodial multi-chain wallet developed by the exchange, has recently rolled out a series of substantial updates to both its mobile app and browser extension versions.  Chrome Extension Update The latest version of the Chrome extension (V1.0.9) comes with a slew of enhancements: Support for SUI and SEI Chains: