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U.S Bank Embraces Cryptocurrency with its Recent Launch

Banks, like many other institutions, have opened their doors wider than ever to cryptocurrency as customers continue to demand these services. U.S Bank is the latest of these financial institutions to give a warm embrace to cryptocurrency and are reported to have launched their cryptocurrency custody services following strong interest

Axie Infinity Announces Staking Feature on its Platform & the community is excited!!

Crypto gaming has become more popular than ever over the last few months, and Axie Infinity is at the forefront of this campaign with its play-to-earn gaming mode. The Axie community has proven to break every known barrier and is constantly improving its platform to make life easier and fun

The #NFT revolution has begun and Suman Chellani is ready to set the stage on fire

In today’s world, the majority of the population is already familiar with the term NFT or have heard about it in the passing at least. If you are one of the few people who are still unaware of NFTs and the potential they bring, it’s about time you become acquainted.  NFTs

A Recent Partnership Between Blockchain Giants to Empower Developing Countries in Accessing Funds

As the blockchain industry strengthens its grip on the world, Oasis Pro has recently announced a ground-breaking partnership with IOHK to see developing countries gain better access to the financial market. The partnership aims at developing an alternative trading system that utilizes blockchain technology to speed up participation from developing