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Ava Labs gets picked for a revolutionary program hosted by Fintech giant Mastercard

In a recent report, Ava Labs has been chosen to participate in Mastercard Start Path Crypto, a startup participation program focused on examining and resolving how blockchain technology can empower use cases for individuals and businesses all around the globe.

What it entails

Ava Labs will engage with Mastercard’s network of collaborators and virtual actors throughout the world through this program in order to expand and advance blockchain technology innovation. They’ll look into new valuable services and blockchain system development to make innovation safer and easier for individuals, companies, and programmers.

Ava Labs helps the crypto community by making it easy to develop dapps using Avalanche, the blockchain industry’s quickest smart contract platform in terms of time to completion. In addition, the Avalanche platform offers a rapid, reduced, and environmentally friendly platform for developing decentralized finance, business use cases, virtual valuables, and other services.

Mastercard Developers provides a fast lane for fintech companies of all sorts to develop, operate, and scale through this program and the rest of the Mastercard Developers portfolio. 

Mastercard is always expanding its services and introducing new cutting-edge technologies so that developers and visionaries of any size, from wherever in the world, may engage with the company, quickly develop, and bring new products to market.


Reacting to this news, the executive vice president of New Digital Infrastructure & Fintech at Mastercard Jess Turner said, “The past year has seen incredible momentum in the world of crypto assets, from the explosion of NFTs to the piloting of central bank digital currencies in countries across the world. As we look to what’s next, it’s all about finding new use cases and problems blockchain technology can solve for now and in the future. Whether it’s enhancing financial freedom or a new value-added service using stablecoins, we believe our new cohorts of Start Path crypto and digital assets companies combined with Mastercard’s expertise in the space will accelerate access to new ways to pay and prioritize choice for consumers and businesses.”

John Wu, President of Ava Labs, expressed his excitement in a statement, noting that he looked forward to the effect of the program in the world. He said, “Mastercard is setting an example for leaders across all industries on how to embrace, rather than combat innovation. We look forward to working with projects and partners in the Start Path program to accelerate the positive impacts blockchain technology will have for individuals and institutions across the world.”

About Ava Labs

On Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, Ava Labs makes it simple to develop decentralized applications.

Ava Labs was formed by Cornell computer scientists who enlisted Wall Street talent to help them realize their mission. Andreessen Horowitz, Initialized Capital, and Polychain Capital have all invested in the startup, as have Balaji Srinivasan and Naval Ravikant.

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About Mastercard

Mastercard is a payments technology firm with a global presence. The company’s aim is to connect and fuel a global digital economy that enriches everybody by making transactions secure, easy, efficient, and available. Its inventions and services help individuals, financial institutions, governments, and organizations realize their full potential by leveraging secure data and networks, relationships, and enthusiasm. Mastercard s I creating a sustainable world through connections in over 210 nations and territories, unlocking precious opportunities for everyone.

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