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Axie Cooperative Scholars Donates Relief to Fire Victims

Axie Infinity has been doing well in the market, scoring high points, raking in millions in revenue, and adding new members to its platform. Still, the platform is not all about profit, but it also values community and often seeks ways to support society and general welfare.

Recently, the world heard of the devastating news of a fire outbreak in the  Parola Compound in Tondo, Manila, late Saturday evening, which claimed the lives of five people, including four minors.

The fire razed on for six hours, destroying about 300 homes and leaving six hundred families homeless and stranded. Victims of the said incident are said to have been left frustrated and in dire need of help.

The Axie Community Responds

A recent tweet showed the moment scholars from Axie Cooperative self-organised an event to reach out to the affected families, spreading love and hope in the process. Various items were made available in the pictures seen as the affected homes were being empowered.

Generosity and humanity are strong values within the Axie Infinity community. Seeing their scholars embody these traits without supervision shows how determined the platform is to empower local homes and change lives using the resources from the booming crypto world.

Essential items like soap, ready-to-eat meals, water, facemask, toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, medicine, and other important items were donated to these families as relief for their dark times.

Axie Infinity is Changing Lives

Axie Infinity has been changing lives in the last few months and has empowered thousands of youths and families through their play to earn gaming models and multiple scholarships. 

Countries like the Philippines have embraced the gaming platform and other countries which were hugely affected by the pandemic or witnessed a decline in the economy of their country. These days, people spend more time on their phones playing the game and earning huge life-changing rewards.

Some Axie Infinity scholars are now enjoying financial freedom through the Axie Infinity scholarship, which seems to have provided a way out of poverty for those in the rural parts of the world, especially in Asia.

Axie Infinity prides itself on a gaming revolution where people are rewarded for their passion and interest in gaming. Rather than playing for fun, people can pay bills and lessen their money problems by engaging actively on the platform.

With their live transforming platform, one can only expect Axie’s popularity to soar in the coming weeks. Although the crypto space is unpredictable, Axie Infinity is sure to be a light in the tunnel for many homes in the months ahead. Click here to learn more about the platform.

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