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Axie Infinity Announces Staking Feature on its Platform & the community is excited!!

Crypto gaming has become more popular than ever over the last few months, and Axie Infinity is at the forefront of this campaign with its play-to-earn gaming mode. The Axie community has proven to break every known barrier and is constantly improving its platform to make life easier and fun for its users.

Staking Now Allowed

A series of changes and adjustments have been going on in the Axie world, and the latest has been the announcement that AXS is now staked on Ronin. Axie, arguably the biggest blockchain-based gaming, excited its users with this announcement, and as feedback to this update, the community responded massively.

The massive Response from the Community

A few hours after the staking feature went live, Axie community members swept into action, and in what appeared to be a gesture of excitement, more than 2.5 million AXS with a total value of over $194 million were staked.

This staking feature comes after months of waiting, and this staking feature would give community members a vote in governance decisions. This is a step in the right direction for the platform, and according to its staking guide, AXS stakeholders will be given voting rights alongside their AXS staking rewards in the future. 

AXS is the native governance token on Axie Infinity, and users can earn these tokens when they rank highly on the overall leaderboard or after winning any tournament on the platform. This staking feature is also a means for community members to earn a passive income. 

According to reports, the APR and incentive systems are currently turned off on the platform, and by design, developers explained that the feature is disabled. Turning off this feature would give community members and users sufficient time in different parts of the world and time zones to calmly stake their AXS before the incentives are available on the platform.

Also, a special pool of 78,300,000 AXS tokens set aside by the Axie Infinity team will be used to distribute incentives initially.

Another Big News!!!

Another big news for the Axie family is that while the staking feature is going live, founding members of the Axie family will receive AXS airdrop as recognition for their support and early activity on the platform, which has gone a long way in making it a center of gaming attraction as it is today.

The overall value of the airdrop to be given to founding members is valued at 800,000 AXS. This is a total of more than $50 million in tokens. It symbolizes the commitment of the team at Axie Infinity to make the Axie platform a community-owned game. Users who have been members of the Axie family before October 26th, 2020, are advised to check their wallets for these goodies. More updates would be shared on all social media pages of the community.

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