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Axie Infinity – The Future of Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is one of the areas most responsible for promoting crypto adoption in the large gamers community. Over the years, the blockchain gaming industry has advanced from a series of short mini-games to full-fledged online games that allows the use of customizable characters and helps gamers earn the native token.

Axie Infinity is currently dominating the blockchain gaming community, and its subsequent AXS token recently saw a 700% price rise since June. Axies are NFT tokens that have become increasingly popular over the last few months and were the top-selling NFT in the entire industry for the past month acquiring $200,000,000 worth of sales. 

Axie Infinity was designed by Sky Mavis in 2018 and is a turn-based RPG game where players can buy, trade, sell, battle and breed cute digital pets known as “axies.” It is an adventure-based game with multiple layers designed to be thrilling. Every Axies has unique powers and skills, and a player will have a team of three Axies that will help him advance in the Axie universe. 

The Scholarship Program

One of the reasons behind Axie Infinity’s exponential growth in popularity is its Scholarship Program launched at the beginning of this year. In this program, token holders can farm out their NFTs to scholars using different profit-sharing methods. As a new player requires at least three AXS tokens to start playing, this program lets them play the game without having to put in the investment. 

In turn, the investor will benefit from the players’ rewards and take advantage of their tokens. In the Philippines, Axie Scholarships have helped several people by becoming the primary source of income, where scholars earned over $300 per month by playing for 1-2 hours daily. 

AXS Token

AXS Token is the governance token of Axie Infinity that assures community participation in the platform’s governance. Players can use these tokens to earn extra weekly rewards by staking them and participating in the governance. 

On July 14, AXS token hit a record high of $23.60, surpassing its previous record of $22.50 earlier this week, according to Messari. The token also crossed $25 Million daily trading volume setting new standards for blockchain gaming. 

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