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Axie’s reach to Infinity & Beyond – The September Update

August was possibly the best month since the inception of Axie Infinity. The month of August saw the platform generate the most significant revenue and attracted over a million active users surpassing other prominent players in the crypto space.

The team at Axie Infinity has no plans to slow down on their pace. Instead, there are more plans to build on their growth, accelerate their community growth and add more mind-blowing features that would undoubtedly explode their marketplace volume.

A recent tweet from the Axie Infinity Twitter page shared the September development update, and it was sure to thrill their users. Being the highest crypto revenue generation platform in the last 30 days, Axie Infinity is making massive progress on AXS staking and the Ronin DEX. Also, there is an accelerating development on Battlev2 and land. So let’s dive into the updates.

Growth and Adoption

The growth in the Axie Infinity world is indeed mind-blowing and optimistic. There have been more recorded active users, and application downloads are growing at an astonishing rate –the fastest the community has ever seen.

In the space of 30 days, over $300 million was generated on the Axie protocol, making it the highest with the exception of Ethereum. That means the growth witnessed in the Axie protocol supersedes that of the big names like Bitcoin. The Axie platform encourages massive user participation in its community and operates on a system that ensures that users’ ownership is guaranteed.

Although there was a slight reduction in the pace of the growth experienced in the summer, Axie’s player economy is still more significant than any other NFT project. The decline in growth was hugely due to the wait for a server upgrade to accommodate new members and prevent server outages, as was the case in July. However, the community is still on the path of dominance.

Battles V2

The community announced the arrival of their latest update for their gamers, Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin). This new battle game will spread the word about Axie and help expand it to a foreign audience which in turn would lead to growth. Origin will offer players both fun and economic advantages. Players can play a demo of the game before deciding to attach monetary value or not. This new feature is designed for the reach and crypto novice as they would embrace crypto and Axie without needing so much education.

70% of the new card art is completed, and there is an internal deadline to release the game to some of the community’s top battlers. Also, the stats/abilities for the bodily parts/cards are being worked on by Origin’s game creators while retaining the principle and price of previous cards but with new elements and improvements.


Land has always been an exciting project, and recently, a new game designer was added to the Land team. There are many possibilities, but the land team focused on crafting, building structures, and harvesting resources.

As for Ronin, the scaling solution for NFT games, there are currently over $1.5 billion in deposited assets. The Axis staking contract is being audited, meaning big news is to be expected soon.

From all indications, the Axie protocol is a growing one, and there are no signs of any decline. Those who would want to know more about the platform can visit

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