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B2Core Android Update v1.8.0: Advancing Security and Streamlining User Experience

With its innovative technology and user-friendly interface, B2Core has already made a name for itself in the Fintech industry. Now, with the launch of version 1.8.0 of its Android App, B2Core is taking its platform to a whole new level.

This latest update demonstrates B2Core’s unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional trading experience. The team has worked tirelessly to introduce new features, improve usability, and enhance security.

Some of the standout features included in this update are:

  • KYC Quiz Accreditation
  • Anti-Phishing Code
  • Improved image compression for document image uploading
  • Updated PIN code feature
  • Enhanced user interface across Profile, Settings, Device management, and other screens
  • Upgraded Transfers & Verification screens

Furthermore, this update includes wallet bug fixes to ensure a smooth and secure trading experience.

Optimised UX: Enhanced Features and Redesigned Screen

B2Core has significantly improved image compression for document uploads, making the process faster and more efficient. Users can now easily upload their required documents, benefiting from improved speed and convenience.

In addition to these improvements, it has also enhanced the PIN code feature. This upgrade increases the platform’s security and provides a more user-friendly experience, ensuring a seamless and highly secure environment.

Furthermore, B2Core completely redesigned the user interface, including critical areas such as the Profile, Settings, Device Management, and other screens. Focusing on improving the UX and enhancing navigation is evident in the upgrades to the Transfers & Verification screens.

Stronger Security Measures: Introducing KYC Quiz Accreditation and Anti-Phishing Code

B2Core’s commitment to enhanced security is on display with this new KYC Quiz Accreditation feature as well. Not only does it bolster the platform’s protection, but it also ensures compliance with financial regulations, granting users the benefit of higher trading limits.

Moreover, the addition of the Anti-Phishing Code represents a significant advancement in security. This mechanism empowers users by providing additional account protection, effectively safeguarding their valuable assets and data against potential phishing attacks.

Improved Application Stability: Addressing Wallet Crashes

Thanks to valuable user feedback, the dedicated B2Core team has successfully resolved technical bugs that caused wallet crashes. As a result, users can now experience a significantly enhanced platform with improved reliability and stability, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted trading experience.

Final Notice 

B2Core exemplifies B2Broker’s commitment to delivering robust and scalable trading solutions for the FX and crypto industries. With the release of version 1.8.0 for the Android app, following the recent iOS app upgrade, the company reaffirms its dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer security across all platforms.

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