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Bali Social Integrated – Blockchain-Based Tourism Platform

The tourism and travel industry has developed over the years into a trillion-dollar industry. However, the trust to connect global travelers to hotels and services has been completely entrusted to third-party intermediaries. These intermediaries, however, charge an exorbitant amount of money and also are incapable of maintaining a record of trusted service providers.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores information digitally and is tamper-proof. Bali Social Integrated uses this technology to create a thorough record of all the trusted service providers and make the traveling experience more fun for global tourists. 

Around 81% of travelers research online before booking a trip. But unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the information they receive is verified. Bali Social Integrated is a clever solution that offers world tour payment and easy connectivity for global travel.

What is Bali Social Integrated?

Bali Social Integrated is a blockchain-based platform connecting reputed online travel agencies (OTA) with global customers. The ecosystem is designed on blockchain to become transparent, secure, tamper-resistant with several incentives. 

As a blockchain solution, Bali Social Integrated offers a blockchain-powered tour and payment system. This payment system offers one-stop booking and payment of tickets, accommodations, car rentals, restaurants, shopping, and leisure activities using the BSI token. 

Popular intermediaries can charge up to 20% as a transaction fee to connect global customers to service providers. On the other hand, Bali Social Integrated does not charge any fee if the customer uses the BSI token. However, if a customer chooses alternate payment modes such as credit card or cash, the platform charges a 0.5% to 1% conversion fee, which is significantly lower than the conventional fees. 

To make the transaction process easier, Bali Social Integrated has developed a business line called ViajePay. ViajePay allows users to convert their fiat and BSI token into ViajePay and use it directly across the affiliated stores using the Viaje Apps. The currency stored in the Viaje Apps is independent of the price fluctuation of BSI tokens and can be converted back into BSI tokens.

Advantage of Bali Social Integrated

Apart from the convenient payment network powered by blockchain, Bali Social Integrated offers several additional benefits. 

  • The integrated blockchain technology will help in reducing operational and transaction costs while improving the customer experience. 
  • Bali Social Integrated has an incentive mechanism that encourages service providers and global customers to interact with the platform.
  • Bali Social Integrated connects global customers to service providers, which will help the global tourism industry.
  • The BSI token is an ERC 20 token that operates within the ecosystem to offer a secure and decentralized payment system.
  • Bali Social Integrated collects information about several services such as airline, accommodation, car rentals to offer the best price and service to the customer. 

Bali Social Integrated recently announced an airdrop competition on Twitter from August 3rd to August 31st. The winner of the airdrop competition will receive hundreds of BSI tokens. Find out more about Bali Social Integrated at

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