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Bali Social Integrated Organizes a Trading Competition

Bali Social Integrated is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms affecting a change in tourism by utilising blockchain to make travel a worthy experience for users. BSI is becoming widely recognised, and its token,  the $BSI token, was recently listed on Hotbit and Coinsbit a few moments after it went live on Uniswap. Lots of investors and traders participated massively in the launch of the $BSI token, and the community has found a way to reward this warm reception.

Trading Competition

Recently, BSI announced that it had organised a trading competition on HotBit for its traders and investors as a way of showing gratitude for their participation in the launch. The competition is being held on Hotbit and will adhere to the same rules as all other trading competitions sponsored by the crypto exchange. 

$BSI token owners must exchange the token on Hotbit between September 22nd and September 29th to participate in the event. 

– Duration:08:00, September 22nd, 2021 ~ 08:00, September 29th, 2021 (UTC).

Hotbit will then examine and rank users based on trading volumes, including buy and sell volumes of the $BSI token, after September 29th and then determine the top 10 $BSI traders. After the results are finalised, the selected traders will earn free $BSI tokens worth $5000.

Also, for users ranked No. 11 and below who qualified, about 2,970 BSI will be given as a reward based on the proportion of the user’s own BSI trading volume accumulated on Hotbit during the event versus the total BSI trading volumes accumulated by other users from No, 11 down.

Furthermore, each user must accumulate at least 10 BSI in trading volume (buy + sell volume)  on Hotbit during the event to be considered eligible. During the trading competition, BSI’s withdrawal function will be temporarily disabled.

Important Things to Note

The event’s ranking chart will be available within 10 business days following the event’s conclusion. Also, prizes for the event will be given within 10 business days of the competition’s conclusion. In addition, Hotbit retains the ultimate say on all interpretations and explanations of the event’s rules and regulations. If Hotbit discovers any unhealthy behaviours such as cheating, click-farming, or matched-trading actions, such culprits will be disqualified and unable to claim their prizes.

Finally, cryptocurrency is synonymous with unpredictability, and often prices fluctuate and are unstable. To this end, users should access their individual investment capacity logically and proceed with caution while making financial selections.

Info on Hotbit 

With over 700,000 registered members, Hotbit is a unique crypto trading platform with widespread fame in more than a hundred countries spread in different continents. It has a strong presence and patronage in Asia countries and other European countries like Russia and Turkey.


With this competition, BSI aims to build a better relationship with its users, traders, and investors. The platform is gearing up to introduce more features and programs that would go on to create a more nature-friendly system for tourists. Now will be the best time to join the BSI community.

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