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Bali Social Integrated – The disruptor of Tourism begins token sale on its website!

While not a new concept, blockchain in tourism is a celebrated integration because of its several advantages. Blockchain helps to eliminate several roadblocks in the growth of global tourism such as intermediaries, operation and transaction costs, and also introduce better connectivity, transparency, and investment opportunities. 

Bali Social Integrated is a blockchain-based tourism platform that aims to disrupt the tourism industry and bring positive change for travelers and service providers. Bali Social Integrated has a native ERC-20 token, a $BSI token that recently went live on Uniswap and is currently on sale on the BSI website

Token Sale Details

$BSI token is a utility token that simplifies cross-border transactions and offers crypto investors investment opportunities. The company is offering several rewards for purchasing the token, which is available for 0.00032 ETH from 23rd August to 30th August

Bali Social Integrated incentivizes its token with several rewards and has set aside 300,000 $BSI tokens for early investors. Also, if the user purchases the $BSI token with 0.1 ETH, they will receive a bonus of 5% and, if purchased with 0.5 ETH, a bonus of 10% and a bonus of 15% if purchased using 1 ETH. 

However, these rewards are only applicable if the users purchase the $BSI token from the official website.  The $BSI token will be listed on Hotbit on September 3rd and is also available for sale on Uniswap.

About Bali Social Integrated

Bali Social Integrated was born out of an idea to replace intermediaries and online travel agencies that charge exorbitant amounts of fees for connecting service providers with travelers. The company offers a blockchain-powered platform that connects the service providers and travelers directly without any hidden charges. 

Bali Social Integrated not only reduces operational and transactional costs but also simplifies the whole traveling experience by allowing users to pre-book all the services such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, renting electric vehicles, tourism activities, etc. The company has created a vast network of affiliated stores that accepts $BSI tokens directly with the help of Viaje apps. 

Bali Social Integrated is bringing the power of blockchain to the tourism industry and helping the industry reach its true potential. More details about the Token Sale and the token can be found on BSI’s Telegram Channel.

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