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Become a part of the elite DeFi society with DeFi Omega

If there is one network that strives to connect the most elite group of individuals in DeFi then it is DeFi Omega. It is a worldwide global network, precisely an intellectual ivory tower that functions with the goal of seeing how strong policies are shaping up the world of Decentralized Finance. 

DFIO token 

If you are up for grabbing your global membership to this exclusive and noble DeFi community then you have the DFIO token that will be your passage to become a part of the community.The token details to gain membership to the community is as given below:

  • To gain membership you need to have at least 100 tokens and if you are looking for membership on the board then you have to buy 10000 tokens. 
  • Initially, there will be 10 board members out of which 2 spots are reserved for founders without any token requirements.
  • Every year 2 additionally board members will be added on a voting basis by the existing DeFi Omega members.

That DeFi Omega will not indulge in any sort of favoritism goes without saying because the board membership is truly the result of a first-come-first-serve basis. With the official token launch on UniSwap, everyone has an equal opportunity to amass the required share of coins provided they do not delay.

The initial member ceiling for the 1st 30 days is 1000 after which 100 new members can be admitted. The cap can also be increased provided the members give their vote of approval after one year in operation. The total token supply is 1,000,000 DFIO tokens. 

Every quarter DeFi Omega will also look for new DeFi projects to invest in which will be voted on by the members. In order to invest, a fixed allocation of 10,000 tokens will be given for the investments. DeFi Omega will retain 20% of the projects it has invested in the form of native token which will be airdropped in proportion to the members while at the launch. 

You can get the DFIO tokens by clicking on the links below:

Uniswap Direct link


DFIO Token Contract:

DeFi Omega is all about championing the cause for financial freedom and to popularize DeFi so that the evident gap between the haves and the have nots become less blurry every passing moment.

Image Source – KAP Digital

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