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Bidder Ready To Pay 37 Thousand USD for Satoshi Nakamoto Digital Art

Well, it may sound surprising, but the craze of crypto enthusiasts in the digital art token of Satoshi Nakamoto is unsurmountable. Someone is ready to pay a high amount of money to get a picture of the Bitcoin creator. The auction on DEGO-Finance is yet to commence, and the highest bid on the token is already valued at whopping 37 thousand four hundred dollars at the time of this article.

Satoshi Nakamoto Digital Art Worth 106 ETH (37000 USD)

Dego Finance noted that one crypto trader made a bid of 106 ETH coins to bid for sole ownership of NFT of Satoshi Nakamoto art. The Bitcoin creator’s digital drawing is grabbing high stakes with such a massive bidding amount, and there are still several hours left to the bid. Dego protocol treats every DeFi platform as a module or a block that can be combined to help users build a diverse investment portfolio. It calls itself the Lego of the DeFi world.

Rising NFT Popularity

The nonfungible tokens called as NFT are a unique cryptocurrency which cannot be exchanged interchangeably. The ERC721 standard is used for creating various collectibles, arts, and gaming items that are traded on the Ethereum chain. DEGO is a platform like LEGO in the Decentralized Finance space that users can explore to create and modulate new things. The platform has a governance token with a capped supply time of twenty-one minutes and is used for mining the tokens.

The Satoshi Lego-themed picture has garnered immense popularity on the DEGO platform since it was announced. While, in general, the initial bid of all items is set to one Ethereum token, the winning bids need to pay 10 percent extra for a token.

Not the First Case of NFT Craze

The Collectibles game Cryptokittens created a lot of craze in public at last bull run, making NFTs immensely popular. A crypto user spends a staggering 114 thousand USD to own a digital kitten. Nowadays, the tokens related to digital arts and collectibles are gaining massive attention, and various auction houses like Christie are gaining momentum. Christie will be hosting its maiden NFT sale on Oct 7. 

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