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Binance Connect Has Partnered with SafePal

Binance Connect, the leading global payment infrastructure from Binance, is now partnering with SafePal, the cryptocurrency wallet with a hardware wallet, software wallet, and extension wallet product lines managed through SafePal App. 

Binance has been making steady progress through all its subsidiaries and has established itself as a global leader in the industry. This partnership will help Binance add over six million users to its customer list. 

Binance Connect is Bifinity‚Äôs leading payment infrastructure that connects the traditional financial world to world-leading and emerging blockchain networks to transform how businesses and users transfer money around the world. Binance Connect has the vision to create an open financial world where everyone has the freedom to achieve their financial goals. 

The partnership with SafePal will help Binance Pay to get closer to achieving its vision. Binance Connect is the first hardware wallet portfolio of Binance and serves over 6 million users across the globe. Following the partnership, SafePal users will be able to purchase over 200 crypto assets using Binance Connect using their cards directly. 

SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet that helps users to manage their crypto assets using its collection of mobile, hardware, and extension wallets. The platform aims to empower people to own their crypto future. 

Apart from this, Binance is also hosting a Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 on September 14th. It is an exciting in-person event where like-minded people will come together to discuss the latest development in the Web3 space. 

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