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Binance Pay Beta Has Been Launched – Will It Turn Crypto into PayPal?

Binance Pay Beta is launched, allowing users to send and receive payments instantly. Using Binance Pay, they can effortlessly do transactions using money similar to PayPal. 

A news post on cryptopotato claimed that Binance, which is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a beta version. The Binance Pay Beta is a borderless form of payments through cryptocurrencies. 

With the numerous transactions happening globally, it was only a matter of time before somebody did something. Market analysts felt that this move could boost trade between investors in different countries. 

CryptoNewswire provides the latest cryptocurrency news and events had this to tweet on Binance Pay Beta getting launched and how it will affect PayPal. 

Using the beta, users can send and receive crypto payments like PayPal. Changpeng Zhao, the company’s CEO, said that it was launching a new product in the beta stage for the moment. Zhao compared the beta payment system to a basket, which they plan on developing further this year. 

Investors can create their own Pay wallets from and use the currency that they want to. Users can top up the Binance Pay wallet by sending funds from the Binance Spot wallet. The Binance Pay wallet and the Binance Card wallet mean the same. 

The wallets are part of the same platform, and transferring funds from each of them need not be a significant problem. Since it is in the beta stage, users can spend $1,000 and have 10 transactions in a day. 

For receiving, users can get $5,000 and 10 transactions in a day. Zhao also said that their new product must enhance the faith users have in cryptocurrency. Users can also pay directly using cryptocurrency with the conversion as it will be effortless. 

Binance also has said that a beta version is a suitable option for users who are not active on their platform. Few notable features of the beta stage would be FIAT gateways, peer-to-peer trading, and payment channels.
Users can make use of the light version on their iOS and Android devices. They can sublimely change to using it. How Binance Pay Beta will help traders and investors are for time to tell. Will it help in the mass-adoption?

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