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Binance to Bring Crypto to Canadian University Dubai

The adoption and trading of cryptocurrency is gaining serious attention in many nations, including the Gulf States.

Having said that, the United Arab Emirates has been striving to position itself such that it benefits from the development of the numerous rising economic revolutions, and cryptocurrency is at the forefront of this movement.

As the crypto adoption in Dubai continues to grow, the next big upgrade we will soon witness is crypto being introduced in Dubai’s leading university, Canadian Dubai University. 

In a recent tweet, Binance announced that it would collaborate with Canadian University Dubai to increase cryptocurrency acceptance. The exchange allows current and prospective students to pay their tuition with bitcoins. Following this initiative, the Canadian University Dubai will use Binance Pay as a payment gateway.

Binance Extending its Services in the Educational Sector:

The world’s largest bitcoin exchange paid a visit to the Canadian University in Dubai on Wednesday. This was a stop on the Binance University Tour.

It is not the first time that the topic of education has been brought up in this discussion. Company funding for Web 3.0 and blockchain technology education initiatives has been substantial.

France, Senegal, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Cyprus, Ukraine, South Africa, and Brazil all benefited from donations totaling over $2.2 million in BUSD from Binance Charity in 2022. The money was donated so that students might get a free Web 3.0 education. Binance Academy has collaborated with Binance Charity and other specialized universities to provide Web 3.0 resources for these courses.

This scholarship program was a component of Binance’s larger global initiatives to improve Web 3.0 and blockchain literacy for a greater number of users. The phenomenon known as Web 3.0 is continuing to garner an ever-increasing amount of interest all across the world as the global digital landscape continues to progress. 

According to Binance Charity, the company’s charitable arm, the number of applicants to study Web 3.0 education through its separate Scholar Program reached an estimated 82,200 worldwide in the early six months after the debut of the programs. 

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