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Binance Unveils “Send Cash” for Seamless Crypto Transfers in Latin America

In a dynamic move aimed at bolstering its presence in Latin America, Binance has introduced a groundbreaking feature called “Send Cash.” Following the recent suspension of its cryptocurrency debit card services in the region, Binance is refocusing its efforts by enabling users from nine Latin American countries to experience swift and cost-effective crypto transfers through Binance Pay.

Empowering Digital Transfers

Binance’s “Send Cash” initiative aims to revolutionize the digital transfer landscape in Latin America. Users from Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico can now leverage Binance Pay for seamless crypto transfers. By incorporating the crypto payment capabilities of Binance Pay with licensed services, Binance is poised to provide enhanced efficiency and reduced costs for digital transactions.

This strategic move by Binance comes on the heels of its unexpected announcement regarding the discontinuation of debit card services in Latin America and the Middle East. Although the specific reasons for this decision were not elaborated, Binance assured users that only a marginal percentage, less than 1% of the affected users, would be impacted by this transition. The discontinuation is set to take effect by September 21, 2023.

Unveiling the “Send Cash” Feature

Binance’s “Send Cash” feature presents a fresh outlook for the cryptocurrency landscape in the region. In its initial phase, users can leverage Binance Pay to send crypto assets to recipients who possess bank accounts in Colombia and Argentina. Notably, Binance aims to provide this service at highly competitive rates, positioning it as an attractive and accessible option for users seeking efficient cross-border transfers.

Min Lin, Binance’s Regional VP for Latin America, expressed enthusiasm for the new feature, emphasizing its significance for the crypto industry in the region. Lin highlighted Binance’s commitment to enhancing financial inclusion and adapting crypto for everyday use. This introduction aligns with Binance’s strategic approach to address the unique challenges faced by individuals and businesses in Latin America.

Binance Pay’s Expanding Influence

In tandem with the “Send Cash” feature, Binance Pay has been making significant strides in expanding its reach within the payment and remittance landscape. Through strategic partnerships with Despegar, Credencial Payment, and Vita Wallet, Binance Pay aims to enhance its cryptocurrency payment options and facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.

Despegar, a prominent online travel agency in Latin America, partnered with Binance Pay to introduce cryptocurrency payments for bookings in Argentina. This collaboration sets a pioneering precedent for the region’s travel industry.

Furthermore, Binance Pay’s partnership with Credencial Payments, a major payment processor in Latin America, enables real-time crypto payments at merchants accepting Credencial Payments. This user-friendly process involves scanning a QR code, selecting the desired cryptocurrency, and completing the payment, providing an efficient and effective payment solution.


Binance’s strategic launch of the “Send Cash” feature and the expansion of Binance Pay’s influence underscore the platform’s dedication to fostering financial inclusion and innovation in Latin America. As the region embraces these transformative offerings, Binance continues to reshape the cryptocurrency landscape and drive the adoption of digital solutions in everyday transactions.

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