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Bitcoin Breaks Its Barrier With $35000 Using Fresh ATH While Ethereum (ETH) Steals Its Thunder Storming Ahead $1,100

Bitcoin (BTC) is now officially more than $35000, with the new ATH gains. It can rally and gain new figures like it was able to do. 

A news publication on coincap stated that Bitcoin (BTC) continues its rampage in the cryptocurrency market, breaking the $35000 for the first time. BTC is managing to set new records that it did yesterday on January 5th.

Bitcoin managed to set a new record on January 3rd and then slightly stumble till $28000 on the next day. Investors were delighted to find out that it was a minor fall as it came back vigorously surging its records of more than $35000, at 4:30 am UTC. is crypto, and Forex News aggregator tweeted on Bitcoin pushing new milestones of $35000.

BTC has continued its good form last year itself. The month of December saw some remarkable heights of gaining itself 80%. This occurred on December 16th. One week later, traders were amused to see Bitcoin up again more than 20%. 

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency had posted this new record by publishing guidance. They did it to educate the federally owned chartered banks in using stable coins and public blockchains for the settlement.

Ethereum Storms Past $1,100 Surging Ahead Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) is on the run in the Bitcoin market due to the accumulation by whales. Of course, it is also possible because of bitcoin’s fantastic surge. 

In other interesting news, Ethereum ETH has pushed above $1,100 gaining more than 40%. A news post on IG claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) has gone up 22% this week, but Ethereum ETH spectacularly overshadowed that) by market cap.

ETH has touched 59% of its price, which is way ahead of what BTC was able to do at 22%. Vitalik Buterin-founded cryptocurrency sublimely beat the $1100 figure during the weekend. Ethereum was dancing around the one-month highs of $1128. 

Kitware is a Shenzhen-based news outlet that had this to tweet on Ethereum (ETH) going past $1,100.

Joseph Young, who is a cryptocurrency journalist, said on Twitter that Ethereum is now more than several times since ETH hit rock bottom in March. The same sentiment was echoed by Tyler Winklevoss, a cryptocurrency investor, and Olympian, stating that BTC and ETH are the most significant things in 2021. 

Right from the start of the year, BTC has given investors more than 12.6% returns. ETH, on the other hand, managed to secure more than 46.3% for investors. Ether has now surpassed its heights in 3 years and may well hit past the record of $1424.

ETH raged at $1103 at 09:30 GMT+8 on January 5th. It was able to go more than 15% that day. However, Daniel Moss, who is a DailyFX analyst, has called for calm in the market. Yes, there has been a surge for now. 

According to Moss, both the crypto’s are basking in the spotlight at the moment. Their longer-term outlook is pretty bullish, and a near-term pullback may be due. ETH being able to surge past the $1100 may neutralize near-term selling pressure to make a path for its price.

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