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Bitcoin Logs to a New Record High Surging Past $37,800 – Time to Hold?

As investors delved into the crypto market early on Thursday in Asia, the betting took on a colossal expenditure on a new Democratic-controlled Senate.

A news post on bitcoinist claimed that the BTC/USD exchange rate, which is the main instrument in volume on the crypto market, is surging ahead to $37000. The gains were quickly able to push Bitcoin’s returns this month to 31.9%, making it among the best performing assets in the world already this year. 

Altcoins, too, Bitcoin’s favorite cousin, made some inroads again in the crypto market. They were able to go up to highs that were entirely unknown earlier in the market. Likewise, Ethereum ETH also jumped above $1100 for the first time. is a Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Forex News Aggregator had this to tweet on the new development. 

The XRP made close to 30% returns within a day after it was adjusted in the market.  This highlights more risk speculations in the market and a sweeping move hovering across Bitcoin and rival assets in the market. 

Together they thus managed to push the crypto market cap above $1 trillion. Investors and traders were delighted to see the chart indicators like the Relative Strength Index as “overbought.” Peter Brandt, who is a seasoned trader, made a valid point on social media writing, the bitcoin making moves on overbought does not have to come with classic definitions.

In simple terms, the bull market remains overbought. Brandt highlighted those pointers using the help of a Bitcoin price chart. Major bull markets have become overbought, and the early historical markets are already overbought. 

Brandt also made some midpoints explaining that there is definitely a price correction that happened in the short-term. However, it posed those dips as floors, which can immensely increase the value of Bitcoin. 

According to Credible Crypto, who uses the pseudonym and is an independent broker, in 2017, when bitcoin broke to $1100, where several altcoins almost reached vertical, the pullbacks were not happening.

Credible Crypto also elaborates that the whole world is about to see similar kinds of things happening again this year. Credible Crypto says that this may not be a suitable time to sell. Any experienced investor would know not to sell all his/her goods but wait for some time. 

Investors can either deal with more price corrections, which seems like a good thing to do. They can also sell for now and get the little from what may come. Few traders sell now for ensuring that their fiat balances are settled. 

Chris Burniske, a partner in Placeholder, said that the current atmosphere is causing a dilemma amongst traders because crypto needs a pullback if BTC reaches the $100Ks. Similarly, when ETH scrapes through the mid-to-high thousands.

It does not mean the #crypto bull market is actually gone, but it is a period for a recharge giving a path to another wave.

Is it the right time to sell? Definitely not; it would be best to hold for now. 

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