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Bitcoin Surpasses $6,000, stays strong despite Binance Hack

Those who have stubbornly held their Bitcoin through the last 24 months will be happy to see that the value of Bitcoin has finally manage to recover to the $6,000 mark, with all the signs indicating that the climb is set to continue. If the market does hold out, we could finally see the leading coin hit the $6,400 milestone within the forseeable future – taking it back to its highest trading level of 2018.

The news is encouraging for the wider crypto industry, and is even something of a surprise given that the Binance hack could have easily seen the markets take a massive hit as a result of yet another extremely undesirable incident. Were it a smaller platform, the hack may have been just accepted as par for the course, but Binance is one of the most important and trusted players in the field. Indeed, it is exactly this level of trust that may have left Binance vulnerable. Yet another reminder that we absolutely cannot take things for granted.

So, another eventful week draws to a close. We’ll be watching with baited breath to see what comes of the markets in the next 72 hours…

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