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Bitkraft Ventures raises $75 Million in Funding for Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming has grown popular over the last few months and has accounted for a huge chunk of the revenues generated in the crypto space. Games like Axie Infinity have proved that blockchain-based gaming can be both exciting and rewarding as it offers users a chance to earn from their gaming passion.

Multiple gaming platforms are announcing partnerships and deals that would see them take gaming to the next level, and recently, a giant company that invests in games and esports startups, Bitkraft, announced that it has raised a whopping $75 million that would be thrown into the blockchain gaming industry and the entire digital entertainment space.

How the funds will be used

Bitkraft venture is one of the firms that have shown interest in the crypto space since the year began and had previously hired the services of Piers Kicks to help lead their interest in the crypto space. 

The newly raised funds have a clear plan on how they would be used. Bitkraft announced that a stage-agnostic approach would be used for the funds. This means that investments would focus on both the youngest pre-seed startups to later-stage companies. Also, the investment would include tokens, cryptocurrency, or the popular non-fungible tokens, as well as equity across the progressing space.

Bitkraft to Explore Crypto Space

To show its seriousness and willingness to be error-proof, the investment organization noted that it had ensured it has a strong regulatory setup by becoming a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Berlin-based organization is more than willing to get the best out of the crypto space combined with its gaming experience and is assured that it would be a front liner in the emerging synthetic reality, a term coupled by Bitkraft to explain the combination of the blossoming digital world and the already existing physical world. 

It is no news that blockchain has ignited a new conversation around the globe and has made a lot of things possible in the digital world. New business models, strategies, and patterns are being developed to suit the endless possibilities offered by blockchain technology. The blockchain space is offering the world a way out of several limitations, and Bitkraft Ventures hope to stake its future in this space.

Bitkraft has entered into multiple partnerships this year to show its zeal within the crypto space and one of its partnerships with Delphi Digital, which took place earlier this year, offers both firms a chance to actualize their plans in the crypto domain. Reacting to the partnership, Jens Hilgers, Bitkraft Ventures founding general partner, explained in a statement,

“Crypto and blockchain technology are set to influence and disrupt the games and digital entertainment space in a profound way. We have launched our U.S.-based Bitkraft Token Fund I to exclusively invest in the intersection of games and blockchain at the earlier stages with the capability to invest in Tokens as an asset class.”

Bitkraft Bent on Expanding

According to reports, the Germany-based Bitkraft has over $540 million in assets under management and has an enormous portfolio that spans across more than 60 companies in various continents, including  North America, Europe, and Asia. The Bitkraft team believes digital the future of asset trading is digital and plans more investments and partnerships in the coming months.

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