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BitMed – World’s first Healthcare Launchpad on Blockchain

Healthcare is arguably the most important sector globally, especially considering the pandemic the world is struggling to fight. The pandemic has brought forward the inefficiencies of the modern healthcare system regarding a poor offline presence that cannot address the remote cases. 

However, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology comes as a solution because of their infinite digital presence and robust functionalities. Few platforms have been trying to create a healthcare blockchain platform but fail to deliver on their promises. BitMed, the world’s first healthcare launchpad, not only acts as the gateway for promising healthcare projects but offers exceptional services in itself. 

BitMed Launchpad

BitMed Launchpad vets all healthcare crypto projects before listing them to assure professionalism and top-notch services. It is designed and overlooked by a team of crypto professionals with over a decade of experience under their belt. 

Users can not only partake in the services offered by the projects but also become early investors to earn benefits. 


BITMED is a digital token used to gain exclusive access to a service or a product within the ecosystem. It is a utility token that uses a staking mechanism to provide token holders additional benefits. BITMED token allows users to participate early in the projects that are launching on the BITMED Launchpad. Patients can also use the tokens to pay for medical bills with healthcare providers partnered with BITMED.


Medifi is a marketplace that serves as a platform where users can contribute their medical data anonymously to third parties such as research institutions. This data then can be used by the authorities for their own purpose. 

This marketplace is a great tool to tackle situations such as the COVID-19, as users can submit their data about their health remotely, which the government can use to create a solution. As all the data is stored on the blockchain, it is safe and verified, which can fasten the treatment process significantly. 


Medicall is the world’s first telemedicine platform that connects patients and users directly to clinics and hospitals using blockchain technology. Blockchain facilitates high-quality virtual medical consultations via videoconference that could be extremely beneficial in situations such as the pandemic when people are advised not to leave home. 

BitMed is an excellent tool at hand to efficiently fight back the pandemic as it acts as an access point for all relevant information such as health reports, vaccinations progress, user data, online consultations, etc. A platform such as BitMed can revolutionize the healthcare industry using blockchain technology. 

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