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Home > Blockchain > Brings EOS to Offer Blockchain as a Service For Enterprises Brings EOS to Offer Blockchain as a Service For Enterprises the creator of EOS has brought yet another revolutionary product which provides all-round blockchain services including consulting and technical implementation to the businesses. The blockchain as a service solution would provide on-demand Blockchain solutions to the enterprises. The company intends to provide simple and robust solutions to the enterprises and adopt blockchain in the processes with ease.

Blockchain as a Service by EOS to Enable Organizations to Adopt Technology with Ease

EOS Developer announced the rollout of the service pack names EOSIO for Businesses, which consists of a suite of blockchain solutions for enterprises. With the suite the businesses would be able to adopt the new blockchain technology and remove the hurdles associated with the transition. The companies are often not equipped with the technology and know-how for blockchain adoption. Block. one is trying to help the companies with its BaaS offering. It would help the enterprises with the DLT services through a one-time deployment and custom blockchain implementation.

BaaS Simplifies Blockchain

The company issued a press release saying that the BaaS offering is intended to bring blockchain to businesses allowing them to focus on their key areas. The solution is a suite of efficient products designed to empower organizations of all magnitude. The four major components of the EOSIO Solution for Businesses include Premier Technical Support, Baas, Consulting, and training and Certification. 

All Round Blockchain Implementation

The suite is intended to provide all-round Blockchain adoption and implementation to the companies and also making them self sufficient with the help of training. The fully-managed BaaS would aid the blockchain implementation and consult in identifying, designing, and manifest blockchain solutions with smart contracts.

Other significant players in the DLT implementation are Ethereum, R3 Cords, and Hyperledger that provide blockchain solutions to the enterprises,

Aiding Enterprises COO, Brenden Blumer, said that the various in-house engineering teams of the organizations are complacent of the challenges involved in the blockchain development and administration on their own even though they are aware of its benefits. EOSIO solution aims to help such organizations implement blockchain with its suite to leverage the blockchain advantage without any complexity. 

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