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Blockchain Bytes Concluded Successfully By Blockchained India

Blockchained India just concluded the Blockchain bytes, a session which facilitated an in-depth and highly consumable knowledge resource pool with a rich discussion around the implementation and implications of DeFi platforms. There were detailed discussions around DeFI with Zilliqa in the spotlight.

The First Session was DeFi and Zilliqa (welcome address) by Arnav Vohra, the Developer Advocate at Zilliqa.

 A DeFi evangelist and a well-known face in the crypto community, Arnav Vohra shared the details of the Zilliqa platform. He prudently shared the DeFi platforms’ details and how the users can build their own blockchains across the platform with help.

·         Arnav elaborated about the use of stablecoin in which he talked about how these coins are a significant driver of the DeFi platforms and how they help users escape volatility of crypto markets. He further added that users could deposit stable coins to earn interest on various lending protocols.

·         He also talked about the legal compliance and laws around the cryptocurrency and DeFi platforms. He mentioned that most countries do not have well-placed laws except a few like Estonia. 

·         He detailed the features of Zilliqa, narrating the benefits of the public smart contract platform. Sclia, the safe by design language used in Zilliqa make it a much adaptable platform for financial applications.  

The second session was a panel discussion on Building DeFi products.

The panel discussion on the DeFi platforms was intense and covered significant interesting insights into the DeFi platforms and how it is going big in the crypto industry. The panel of members that induced most interesting discussion included-

1. Jack Yeu, Co-Founder at Switcheo,

2. Sami Star, Co-Founder at Transak and

3. Prateek Jain, Just DeFi, Ex-Blockstack & Nuo (moderator)

There was a discussion around NFTs for the gaming industry wherein Sami talked about several companies introducing their gaming NFTs. As per the poll conducted during the panel discussion, seventy-five percent of respondents said they are interested in developing around DeFi and blockchain. The panel moderator expressed that there would be many DeFi products originating from India in the coming days. 

The third Session was ‘Bootstrapping your idea with Zilliqa’ by Jun Hao Tan, Co-founder, and SVP, Platform Engineering at Zilliqa. He talked about the various ways through which the crypto enthusiasts can start with DeFi development using Zilliqa. He introduced the core technologies of Zilliqa and how they can be used. The in-depth Session was utterly engaging and detailed every aspect of Zilliqa technicalities giving the viewers a clear idea of the platform and related toolchains.

Zilliqa was founded in 2017 to transform the blockchain ecosystem through research.

‘ Lifting of your Startup with Zilliqa’ Session covered how Zilliqa can help startups grow by tokenizing their content. Zach Burks, Co-Founder at Mintable, conducted it.

The Session talked about the possibilities of the future. He touched all the critical points of the technology and how various industries like automobiles, insurance, and real estate can tokenize their offerings with the help of NFTs. 

 At the close of the events, the Networking event helped the various participants connect and collaborate to build a stronger community of Crypto enthusiasts and leverage each other’s experience.If you want to be updated about what’s happening in this space or start learning about blockchain/crypto, you should definitely join Blockchained India!!

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