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Blockchain Gaming Evolves as Gaming Giants Set to Partner

The blockchain gaming industry is all set for a colossal move with Atari and Enjin partnering. Probably, this is a milestone for the sector seen as a significant move for more alliances. 

A news post on Btcmanager said that Atari and Enjin are partnering to develop games for the blockchain segment. It follows the integration of Atari’s IPs and on the community-powered gaming development platform, Enjin.

Atari will lend the licenses to sports video games that are designed in the partnership. The Bitcoin Street Journal is known for the coverage of breaking bitcoin news headlines placed in the tweet. 

The first beneficiary will be the Kick Off!™ series that is an updated version. It was designed by the eBallR Games and will be released next year. It is history in the making because it is the first non-fungible token (NFT) that is designed based on Atari. 

Enjin Adopter, eBallR Games will then integrate the collectibles from Atari. The NFT collectibles are different because the players can now use Atari theme NFT for creating personalized avatars in eBallR Games. 

Alex Russman, who is the Director of Business Development at Enjin, said that Atari is no stranger to gaming and always wanted to lend a hand to other developers who want to contribute. 

What does this partnership mean to the gaming and blockchain industry?

The blockchain industry was perhaps waiting for a colossal partnership to occur. It was only a matter of time for that to happen. That is what they have done with Enjin at the moment. Enjin will now take advantage of Atari’s experience in the gaming industry and design something on the likes of it. 

Russman feels the gaming industry needs distributed ledger technology (DLT) for increasing growth. Russian also added that since they both are joining hands, they intend to make something virtually meaningful for gamers with true ownership. 

Fred Chesnais, who is the CEO of Atari, feels the same. 

Chesnais says that the partnership will provide meaningful ownership and identity to empower developers. The NFT is a unique make, and users can make use of it seamlessly. NTF was meant to provide more value and convenience. 

As a team, they can now usher a new chapter in the gaming industry. Besides, they can do their best to unlock utility and let owners use them across various projects. Atari has always been doing its part in the gaming industry. 

They have always strived to make the gaming industry user friendly and safe for gamers. According to a BTCManager report, Atari is a Litecoin Foundation partner. 

Is blockchain gaming making digital better?

A news publication on IBM claims that the gaming industry from nowhere to now. Gone are the days when gamers only had to be satisfied with a 16-bit gaming console. Today, one is witnessing the growth in different gaming segments, including blockchain. 

In 2019, the worth of the gaming industry alone was around $138 billion globally. That goes to show how much difference it can make to any industry. Despite the growth, there has been the rise of new problems too. 

The VR (virtual reality) and 5G data streaming might want to be scrutinized before things get out of hand. In comes blockchain, which has proved to be a boon because it enables users with accountability. 

Using technology, now two users from around the globe can communicate with each other. That is because nobody controls it, there is no database to hack into, and they cannot change the transactions once they are made. 

Instant cash transfers and security offered by blockchain 

The main benefit of using blockchain for gaming is that they provide instant cash transfers online, safely. That is the key there. How do users know that their transactions have been made, and more importantly, safely?

The assets are created as tokens and as decentralized gaming asset markets. Because the ledger is open now, anyone can check and verify. Gamers can now visit decentralized markets for purchasing these virtual assets at a fair price on the open order book.

Adeyemi Adetilewa, a blockchain enthusiast, says that the gaming market can increase to $140 billion by this year by using blockchain by this tweet. 

Players also identify the total quantity on the block ledger. It improves the trust of the player and the value of the market as such. Traditional gaming platforms are hosted on servers, and transactions happening on smartphones; the accounts’ assets can get stolen. 

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Blockchain is secure in storing tokens that cannot be seeped into. They are made as such that the digital gaming assets cannot be hacked under any circumstance. The assets that are present on the blockchain can also improve the security of players who have played hard for it. 

With non-fungible tokens or NFTs, a unique value is made for the player. The games have collectible assets. The NFTs represent these items for making them simple to store using a wallet and cheap to sell and trade on an open market.

The main highlights of the blockchain industry would be the time and cost of the transaction time. Players understand the value of gaming because it is a global world. Players from different parts of the world play games that need a transfer of assets. 

When they have done that instantly, then through the current process, it may take a few hours at the most. In some cases, it will take 1-2 days’ time. This is when blockchain can help players cause massively because there are no restrictions for the moment. 

Will blockchain be used in future gaming?

The answer is quite apparent. With the current developments in the Bitcoin market, signs are looking suitable for the blockchain industry. Perhaps, this could be a factor why many popular entrepreneurs like Steve Wozniak and the like want to set their footprint in the Bitcoin market. 

Infusion of the gaming segment into the blockchain industry makes them an undestroyable force. Several realities are made actual in the virtual world. There are abundant strides in virtual reality where things, when integrated, can form into larger material. 

The blockchain industry is witnessing a massive revolution in gaming for the moment. They can combine to form a robust ecosystem that can work flawlessly. It can evidently make blockchain the powerful but invisible force behind the gaming system.

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