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Blockchain startups doing their bit to combat COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in several economies seeking help from corporates and individual citizens. Out of all the companies, it has been seen that several crypto and blockchain companies have been doing their bit to support the cause and providing relief efforts either by donating funds or by donating essential supplies to hospitals. 

Several new apps like telehealth applications for the healthcare industry to ease off the burden of the healthcare professionals are already present in the market. Singapore too came up with its contact tracing app to help the government locate positive cases. Likewise, an Israel-based Blockchain startup Orbs also launched an app that motivated people to quarantine themselves. The app is called the ‘Stay at home Challenge’ which is designed in a manner that the app user does not leave the designated radius the moment they enter the location of the app. The app has been designed in a manner that it tracks the self-quarantine time and notifies the person once it has crossed the radius

In order to make it more interesting, the app presents a gamified version that encourages people and their families to stay at home. The app is touted to track movement but has claimed that it does not intrude on privacy by accessing personal information. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and will also be available soon for iOS users.

After the epidemic, several apps have been launched to track the activity of the user.  In Cape Town, an influential team of academic experts developed an app that allowed users to verify their COVID-19 condition. The blockchain-powered app also endeavors to detect contact tracing in infected patients. In the latter half of March, Russia also launched its app for Corona positive cases. The app requests user to access the location, call, and other personal information. In February China released an app that lets the user understand if they have come into contact with anyone who might be a potential COVID-19 case. This app captures the user location data onto a server when the barcodes are scanned at public checkpoints.

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