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Blockchained India’s 100 days of coding to Blockchain Aspirants

The Blockchain industry has invigorated the interests of several individuals and yet there are lots to be learned about the way it functions. Since Blockchained India has a superior level of expertise in this next-generation technology, it has introduced what is called the 100 days of coding. The main aim of the code is to skill people and introduce them to the technicalities of the Blockchain world.

People who are extremely interested in learning how to code would be chosen by Blockchained. They will be given opportunities to learn and unlearn about what they already know about open applications. They will learn afresh about this through a coding exercise which will demand 100 consecutive days of aspirants. These open applications are those applications that are hosted on The Open Application Network. It communicated with a host of other platforms in order to provide a comprehensive set of new features on these platforms. With the help of open platforms, users will be able to unravel the value that is saved in the current platforms with the likes of rewards, voting, and reputational data. 

The 100 days of coding is a challenging exercise that will require participants to understand and read through the daily dose of material. The curriculum will be set beforehand, and the material reading will require 2-3 hours of time. The entire content is designed around Java basics, blockchain intricacies, open applications, and application development. This will later translate into a sample open app which will be treated as a project.

The candidates will have to undergo all the areas covered in the course for 100 consecutive days. When the program ends, the team of The Open Application Network in collaboration with Blocumen Studios will provide job opportunities to a selected few individuals. Also, entrepreneurs in a lot of students will be given an opportunity to showcase their ideas for open apps. If the idea is so liked by the concerned authorities, they will endow them with grants to fund their project.

Inside Crypto asked a few participants on their experience with the 100 days of coding.

K Naga Tejaswini who works in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) from Hyderabad was super enthusiastic in her response.

After joining 100 days of code course, I personally felt that it’s a great initiative for people who want to explore Blockchain and build applications on it.

I am a certified Blockchain expert and l wanted to build an application on Blockchain with the help of my organisation, I came to know about Blockchained India. After attending their session on “Blockchain bytes featuring The Open application network”, I was so excited to join the Blockchain community and be a part of the 100 days of code.

The best thing about this course is its training curriculum, where a non-technical background person can also learn coding as they teach from the basics. For working individuals, this is a great opportunity as you only have to dedicate one hour every day.

In my opinion, “when we collaborate, we can learn more” and by bringing all Blockchain enthusiasts on one platform, we can share knowledge and build Blockchain based applications, which will solve real-world problems.

While Suprabhat from Kochi, Kerala working at IQVIA has learned alot from the 100 days of coding experience.

Before joining the 100 days of coding challenge, I had little working knowledge on Blockchain technology. I have been in touch with Blockchained India on their Telegram. A notification popped up about this initiative and I thought of applying for it. Right after that , The Blockchained India team got in touch with me on Whatsapp and Linkedin sharing and discussing about the” Blockchain” era. So, I decided to take up this challenge and see the outcome.

Till Now, every member of the 100 days of code is doing great as the team of Blockchained India are supportive and helping us by providing the content which is extremely helpful for becoming a Successful Blockchain developer .Apart from this, they are also providing us with sessions regarding Blockchain and its impact during this pandemic.

All in All, A great initiative led by Akshay!

Blockchained India’s current venture to encourage upskilling of individuals interested in Blockchain is an interesting idea as such a move will go a long way in handling issues concerning lack of proper training while dealing with open applications. 

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