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Blockchained India’s latest event on DeFi packed a solid punch!

Sometimes, to go ahead one must start with the basics.

To be more precise, DeFi has an unflagging bottomless pit of knowledge and there is a lot to be learned, but to start the journey what DeFi really is should be known. This is what motivated Blockchained India enough to make it the mainstay of its new event. 

Blockchained India concluded the successful hosting of yet another episode of its successful event series on 7 November 2020. The event was about everything DeFi with some of the most interesting speakers and panel discussions that took place during the course of the event. 

The event started off with a welcome note by the Founder of Blockchained India, Manav who also gave an elemental perspective to DeFi. He also introduced the other speakers and coordinated the efforts of the entire event. 

The first speaker of the event was Mr. Ashish Suvarna, BD, and support from the popular exchange FTX. His enlightening talk was about the differences between DeFi Vs CeFi Vs Traditional finance. Ashish had been introduced to crypto long back and with the incessant pull effect the sector had on him, he became crypto permanent. He also introduced and talked in-depth about project Serum and how it functions. His passion for crypto was apparent from the way he spoke. His session was short, well-informative, and interesting. 

His presentation was followed by another notable speaker’s presentation on how the gap between DeFi and traditional finance can be bridged. The speaker of this section was Mr. Pascal Tallarida, Founder, Jarvis Network. He also explained in detail the difference between tokenized assets and synthetic assets and how they work. 

The sessions have one thing in common – It threw light on how traditional finance and decentralized technologies are now joining hands and looking to create a whole new world in Finance. The event series was nothing short of astounding as it brought with it the delayering of DeFi space and how it will shape up in the future. 

The last leg of the event was an energized panel discussion among all the speakers and was joined by Opinder Preet Singh, Co-Founder KoinFox acting as the moderator of the extremely illuminating event. Every speaker began the discussion about how they first got acquainted with crypto space and how the journey has been so far for them. Alex Ng, Co-Founder and CEO of RiveX, discussed some of the upcoming DeFi initiatives for RiveX.

Notably, everyone had an interesting journey, some even adding their twist of fun to the entire proceedings. 

After every session, the speakers invited questions from the event attendees who were present in good numbers. As every event of blockchained India is, it was full of wisdom to be gained and picked especially by the DeFi space entrants. All in all, the event was replete with wonderful excerpts, powerful snippets depicting the DeFi space, and a pure technical outlook that charmed the audience as it always does. 



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