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Blockchained India and BLOCUMEN presents DeFi Bytes on December 12th

BlockchainedIndia and BLOCUMEN presents an electrifying session on DeFi Bytes that is being planned to be held on December 12th.

There is some interesting news from Airmeet, where they announced BlockchainedIndia and BLOCUMEN, and other partners, are planning a session on DeFi Bytes. The program will be held on December 12th between at 4 pm-6 pm. 

The DeFi Bytes session is mainly dedicated to DeFi, which is a common term in the cryptocurrency universe. It is called decentralized finance. Users love to hear DeFi often because this gives oxygen into the blockchain world. 

If you have entered the crypto world over the last few years, you probably have heard of DeFi frequently. Some of the keynote participants and speakers will be James Anderson, the founder & CEO of Rio DeFi, and Liam Young, the founder & CEO of StaFi Protocol. 

Besides, the session will also have some words from Tushar Aggarwal, who is the founder & CEO of Persistence, and Sainath Gupta, who is the founder & CEO of Knit Finance. Birthvenue is a company that concentrates on leveraging the blockchain in the best way possible for organizations.

They had this to tweet about the program. 

BirthVenue is also a partner of DeFi Bytes sessions that are going to be held on December 12th, 2020. The session will see some international speakers who will share their thoughts on decentralized finance and its effects on the blockchain market. 

Airmeet has wanted to share and build a stable system for users. Besides, they now want to empower them with more opportunities to begin their own ventures in the crypto world. DeFi Bytes is set up just for that. 

The event is free of cost, and RSVP is a must to attend the session. Since this is an online session, the recording is available on social channels and will be put up after the session. Participants may want to join in on time. 

Those who are interested can login on Facebook or Telegram to learn more about this session. 

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