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Breaking News: $ELFIN IDO A Massive Success; Afterparty Promises Huge Prizes and Engaging Activities

Date: August 10, 2023

Location: Virtual Space

Sounding the horns of success in the world of Web3.0 Gaming and the Crypto Industry, Web3.0 Gaming Pioneer and Key Player Elfin Games’ Initial DEX Offering of its utility token $ELFIN!

Launching its utility token on Kommunitas, NFTb, and GemPad, $ELFIN’s IDO soared to unprecedented levels, cementing this event as one of the biggest successes for the Elfin Games, as well as the Web3.0 Gaming Industry that it carries on its back! And to fully celebrate this achievement, Elfin Games held a massive afterparty available for everyone to join, whether you’ve stocked up on $ELFINS through the IDO, or just about to join in on the fun!

The afterparty consisted of an event campaign where players can stake their claim at $2000 worth of USDT in prizes, Free Elfins for Newcomers and IDO investors, and a community event that’s aimed at highlighting the Elfin Games name to the spotlight!

So how do you join in on the fun?

Elfin Games Event Campaign

The Elfin Games campaign consists of three rounds, each with their main quests that players are tasked at completing to get points! After the event, the top 100 players will enjoy a share of $2000 USDT with respect to their spot in the leaderboard!

Here’s the three quests you need to complete!

First Challenge: Let’s Celebrate Together!

Do you have friends to invite to the Elfin Games Universe? Put them up and earn massive points by inviting them into the fun! Full mechanics right here.

Second Challenge: I Caught an Elfin!

In the second challenge, players are tasked with collecting and owning as many Elfins as they can before the snapshots on August 17th, 2023 at 10 AM UTC and August 24th, 2023 at 10 AM UTC! Just visit Elfin Games’ Marketplace and purchase your own Elfin, with each one giving you 15 points! 

Third Challenge: I Have Been Here!

The final challenge in the Elfin Games Campaign requires you, the player, to actively involve yourself with the Elfin Games Community! Each valid participation will grant you with an On-chain Achievement Token (OAT), that acts as your badge of attendance!

Each OAT yields 10 points, which adds to your total Elfin Games Campaign points! So rack it up by interacting with your favorite community in Web3.0 Gaming!

IDO $ELFIN Staking

If you’ve been an early bird and bought $ELFINs during the IDO launch, hold on to your seats as Elfin Games’ got something in store for you!

Users who have bought $ELFINs beforehand or have just bought $ELFINs through the GemPad Presale will be given staking privileges that would allow them to get a full-fledged Elfin once the event goes live!

Newcomers Rewards

For those who are a little late to the party, don’t worry! 100 random newcomers who would create an account on Elfin Games’ homepage and connect their wallets will get the chance to earn their own Elfin NFT! Isn’t that awesome?!

Latecomers, can they still join the IDO?

Lucky you! As Elfin’s IDO Launch on GemPad is still going strong! If you want to stock up on $ELFINs ahead of everyone else, head on to their IDO Launch here!

Wrap Up

With the resounding success of the IDO launch, an extensive afterparty is only fitting, promising an enriching experience for all participants. The lineup of events not only pays homage to the community that contributed to Elfin Games’ growth but also encourages newcomers to immerse themselves in the world of Elfin Games. Expect even greater things to come!

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