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$BSI Token goes live on Uniswap on 23rd August

An amalgam of blockchain technology with industries such as healthcare and tourism has helped these industries optimize their underlying architecture. An up-and-coming blockchain-based tourism project, Bali Social Integrated has recently come under the spotlight because of its innovative approach to optimize the global tourism industry.  

Bali Social Integrated is a pioneer blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the global tourism industry by reducing transactional and operation costs. One of the reasons for these high transactional costs is that fiat is not developed for interoperability between different currencies. The cost of conversion is very high, making it harder for people to enjoy a budgeted trip. 

Bali Social Integrated rectifies this problem using its robust ERC-20 token, $BSI, launching on Uniswap on August 23rd at 15:00 GMT +7. Launching on Uniswap is a smart decision considering its popularity and the wide database of crypto tokens. Being an ERC-20 token, $BSI can leverage Uniswap’s AMM capabilities and inherent security protocols to ensure a smooth launch process. 

$BSI Token Sale

The $BSI Token is going live on Uniswap on August 23rd at 15:00 GMT +7, and seeing from the excitement in the company’s Telegram and Twitter community, Uniswap is going to have its hands full. Uniswap has quickly become the go-to AMM exchange for ERC-20 and other tokens because of its ability to facilitate fast, cheap and secure transactions. 

$BSI is an exemplary token that operates on ERC-20 standards to ensure interoperability between different blockchain networks and utilizes Ethereum’s new upgraded capabilities for low-cost and quick transactions.

$BSI token will be available under the same rules as other ERC-20 tokens and can be bought using ETH in ERC-20 compatible wallets such as MetaMask. It is the first time $BSI Token will become publicly available for purchase, and several investors have already shown interest in HODLing the token. 

About Bali Social Integrated

Bali Social Integrated aims to improve the customer experience for global travelers while ensuring a profitable opportunity for the service providers. The present industry is dependent on intermediaries that charge significant fees from both parties to connect them with each other. But using Bali Social Integrated, travelers can directly interact with the airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc., to book services.  

The blockchain has the inherent advantage of reducing transaction costs and simplifying cross-country transactions. Bali Social Integrated utilizes this ability to bring a much-needed change in the blockchain industry. With the launch of the $BSI token, the company will become one step closer to reaching its true potential. 

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