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Caça ao Touro Promotion Experiences Huge Success And Helps Introduce Brazil To The Metaverse

Everyone would agree that the metaverse is one of the most popular and talked about topics in the entire world right now. A rising number of notable companies including but not limited to Samsung, JPMorgan and Emirates have already incorporated this new technology into their respective services and features, and many more are expected to follow suit before long.

As such, Caça ao Touro (which roughly translates to ‘Hunting The Bull’) helped mark the arrival of the Vai Tourinho in the metaverse via an online game in the OVER App. The promotion was a huge success, surpassing all previously held expectations.

Furthermore, It immersed the Brazilian community and environment in the intriguing and innovative world of the metaverse. This was thanks to a successful collaboration between Pablo Spyer, renowned economist, Ancord advisor, XP Inc partner, and CEO of Vai Tourinho, and OVER.

What’s there to know?

The game adheres to the P2E (Play To Earn) economy model, which vastly improves the metaverse experience by rewarding players with various prizes or tokens which can subsequently be sold through compatible exchanges for fiat currencies that can then be used in the real world.

This system is comparable to the traditional “treasure hunt.” The users had to find the golden bull, which was spread across the main points of São Paulo in 10 galleries, with panels consisting of relevant economic and financial teachings in the São Paulo Metaverse, through the OVER platform which is based on AR (Augmented Reality). Over 14 thousand people registered for the game and took part in this epic adventure, thereby showcasing its overall success and popularity.

What was the end result?

Ultimately, the whole initiative was indeed worth it as the prize included a fantastic trip to Germany see the famous “Bull and Bear” statue in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The promotion website received over 40 thousand hits, once again demonstrating the sheer popularity of the whole project.

In the end, we can clearly see that all of this led to a completely new and innovative initiative being introduced in Brazil and around the world. Not only was this a huge success, but the initiative also served as a portal to the future as the fintech industry, in particular the metaverse concept, is indeed here to stay.

For more information and regular updates, be sure to visit the official website along with the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. 

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