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Cambridge and Oxford Students Compete to Make Money on Crypto Markets

Students from the prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford will compete with each other to design the top-notch crypto trading algorithm.

The algorithmic trading competition will be conducted by APEX:E3. The winner gets to take everything.

A news article on Btcmanager has stated that Apex:E3, SIX Digital Exchange, ConsenSys Mesh, Coinbase Pro, LMAX Digital, and FTX are joining together to conduct a competition involving students from Cambridge and Oxford universities in an algorithmic crypto trading battle. 

APEX:E3, which is a provider of multi-asset analytics, announced yesterday about the competition. The students who are studying in computer science and the mathematics departments of both universities are invited to take part in this competition. 

This is a month-long completion consisting of 15 teams. They will design the algorithm using the APEX:E3 API to execute spot market trades. To do that, they will use CoinbasePro and FTX. Students have already begun taking part in the competition since November 16th and take part until the end of December 2020.

APEX:E3 tweeted about the development. 

The organizers want to instill interest in the crypto market among students and make them design a sublime crypto trading system.

According to a press release on November 25, 2020, APEX:E3 and some of the top names in the blockchain technology industry are organizing the algorithmic crypto trading competition.

Participants have to design trading algorithms to execute arbitrage trading, predict market movements, and time sequence forecasting. They will be accessed by a panel based on the technicality of their algorithm design.

Usman Khan, CEO of APEX:E3, has claimed that the students’ sheer interest and passion have overwhelmed him. This has given confidence to the firm, considering holding future completions in the years to come. 

A news publication on Decrypt also confirmed the same. Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser, who works in the Computer Science Department, University of Cambridge, said that APEX:E3 has made way for students to develop and learn more in this domain.

Besides, Dr. Stafford-Fraser also added, this was a risk-free method to get introduced to the market. The winner gets to keep the seed capital and returns.

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