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Can Bitcoin Crash to Zero?

Let’s face it, with the performance of the cryptocurrency market over the last 12-18 months, it is no surprise to see it coming under attack. But the latest views of a leading Ex-Bitcoin Cash Supporter and one of the best-known figures of BTC Satoshi Vision are blunt – Bitcoin will bottom out at zero in 2019.

This is the opinion of Calvin Ayre, who is reported to have said that  said that Bitcoin has become worthless, so it will crash  to zero. However, this was not intended to mean that the days of cryptocurrency are over – indeed, anything but. Instead, he is quoted as telling people that there is nothing to fear because Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV) will be there to save everyone. An interesting viewpoint in a market that has been full of surprises.

As if this wasn’t enough, Ayre added a little mystery and deceit to the equation with his unsubstantiated comments that the bitcoin price is being purposely driven into the ground – although he was unwilling to reveal by whom or for what purposes.

It would appear that the controversial stance taken by Ayre is all part of a campaign to get BTC Satoshi Vision well and truly into the headlines, and if that is his personal game plan, well… it’s working. Ultimately, Ayre is adamant that Bitcoin SV is the real bitcoin and it will replace the BTC next year.

Whilst it is hard to put any credibility to the Bitcoin SV vs BTC argument, one thing is for sure – civil war has officially erupted. The controversy surrounding the controversial hard fork that Ethereum went through recently appears to have, to a large degree, muffled much bigger arguments on the Bitcoin blockchain.

So will 2019 be the year that Bitcoin reaches Zero, or is Calvin Ayre a long way off the mark? We don’t have to wait to long!

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